Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chocolate "Holidays" in November

As I look through the various "fun" and "food" holiday listings I can find, I find four such "holidays" that you might celebrate with our Sacred Substance, Sisters and Brothers.  Because I hope and believe this month and next will be very busy revealing holiday gift options for you all, I wanted to list these "holidays" now so you can plan ahead.

November 7 = National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day -- Wow.  This is a very specific "holiday".  I couldn't find any reliable information about who created this day or when.

November 25 = National Parfait Day -- Again I could find reliable information on this day but if you don't know what a parfait is, think of it as a layered  dessert generally made of cream, fruit or pudding-like layers.

November 26 – National Cake Day -- Really?  At least in the USA this is really close to Thanksgiving and I never think "cake" I always think "pie" on that holiday.  I couldn't find any information about when this began or why.

November 30 = National Mousse Day -- I recently learned how to make this and I froze my left overs.  Wonder if those will last through the 30th?  I could combine this "holiday" and the previous one and make a cake with layers of cake and mousse... What do you all think, Sisters and Brothers?  No, I didn't freeze the mousse in the chocolate shells, just the mousse itself.

Looking ahead we see in early December you could celebrate a few other days, if the wide range of national, religious, and cultural holidays are not enough for you to choose from.  Here is just the first week's listing, I'll return to this topic in December.

December 1 = National Pie Day -- The American Pie Council says it started this holiday HERE.  If only all of these "fun holidays" were as easy to research.  Hey, if someone started these, you need to speak up and document it for us all.

December 4 = National Cookie Day (note that several other days are called "Cookie Days" on the calendar) -- I found a few online claims that this "holiday" was actually proclaimed on the TV show "Sesame Street" by the character Cookie Monster but I couldn't find supportive documentation.  If you know of it, please send it my way.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


French Cooking for Dummies said...

The cake with layers of cake and mousse sounds really good :-D I've never frozen mousse before but I wonder whether you still get mousse once defrosted. The water from the ice might take the air away. Let us know how it went!

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Yeah, I've had frozen mousse before I don't know how it will defrost.

The reason I frost it is that recipe called for certain ingredients which will go bad if I didn't use them right away. I just don't use heavy cream that often so I doubled the recipe. It turned out great but there was no healthy way for us to eat it all.

As those of you who read The Chocolate Cult regularly know, I actually practice what I preach here so moderation and purpose are always my guides for consuming chocolate or anything dessert-ike. So many things to try here to reveal to you all that we haven't gotten back to the milk chocolate peanut butter mousse again.

mavido79 said...

While I also tend to equate Thanksgiving with pie, I do remember being much younger and sharing the day (and a big pitch in meal) with my dad's family. One of the things we always looked forward to was my cousin's Texas Sheet Cake... a monstrous chocolate cakey confection. This year I will be sharing the day with dear old friends who have put me in charge of desserts. I will make a pumpkin pie since it's so traditional and also a Chocolate Idaho cake for MPW, who loves the sacred substance almost as much as I do.

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