The Chocolate Cult: All Will Be Welcomed

Saturday, February 28, 2009

All Will Be Welcomed

Before your Chocolate Priestess can guide you through today's sacrament, she must briefly address a controversial subject: White Chocolate. I find this article by well-respected chocolate critic, Clay Gordon, to be very informative:

Regardless of your personal stand or your respect for government authorities there are people out there who are allergic to cocoa powder so they cannot enjoy the traditional forms of chocolate. Other people simply do not enjoy the tastes of other chocolates for a variety of reason. Rather than deny them a place on our journey with chocolate, I think we should include all those who consume chocolate in any form in our fellowship.
Thus I will indeed be including white chocolates in my evaluations of appropriate sacraments and revelations about chocolate in our lives.

Sisters and Brothers, open your hearts to all of those wishing to come closer to the Divine through the experience and ecstasy of chocolate.

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