Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Breakfast Chocolate

You've heard of the South Beach diet I'm sure, Sisters and Brothers. They offer a series of cereal bars under the "Fiber Fit" label I'm assuming to compete withFiberOne bars. While FiberOne has only a couple of flavors, South Beach has more variety. Their latest is a "Mocha" flavor bar.

In terms of dietary fiber, it compares very well with FiberOne bars. In terms of fat, overall they are the same but the South Beach "Mocha" has 1g more saturated fat. Neither has cholesterol and the same amount of protein, only 2g. South Beach has 35mg more sodium but it also has 3% of your daily Potassium needs and twice as much iron as the FiberOne bar. However, FiberOne has more sugars and 20 more calories but it also has both Vitamin A and Calcium which South Beach lacks.

The "Mocha" bar from South Beach has three layers of texture and flavors compared to the "Oats & Chocolate" bar's one layer. The top layer has a mocha flavor, almost cheesecake like quality to it. The coffee isn't overwhelming which was great for me since I'm not a fan of coffee at all -- I prefer my buzz and mycaffeine from the Sacred Substance. Because of this caffeine it's difficult to say if the minor buzz I felt was from the cocoa or the coffee.

The bottom layer is really two layers -- a crunchy crust covered with a chocolate ganache. It looks very much like a candy bar on the bottom and a cheesecake on top. This was a nice crunch to hear as I ate it. Since I'm not a fan of coffee, I wasn't tempted to eat it quickly or to eat it very often.

If you like mocha flavors this could be a good breakfast or snack for you. It certainly will help you get the fiber you need and it will provide a mild buzz though that may be the caffeine as much as the cocoa at work. It does have a lot more chocolate though than the FiberOne bar so if that is really important to you and you like coffee, this will be the choice for your breakfast.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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