Thursday, April 2, 2009

Trū Chocolate Dietary Aid

Your Chocolate Priestess debated how to review this product. Given that I was only sent two pieces of Trū Chocolate, I couldn't seriously test the claims that it is an aid to weight loss, given that published testimonials about its effectiveness were based on a minimum of 5 days, or 15-45 pieces of the product. However, since this is not marketed as candy or comfort food, it would not fall under the category of potential Sacrament either. I decided to give the product a try today before breakfast and lunch to see how it tasted and if it had any impact at all on how much I wanted to eat.

The Trū Chocolate I was sent was individually wrapped in a dark golden foil that opened easily to reveal a 1.5 inch diameter coin of chocolate with a crosshatch pattern of lines on it ... too small to get a good picture of, but if you click on the link you can see it. It smelled just like chocolate and did not feel waxy to my fingertips.

I used the product before breakfast according to the directions I was sent, eating it and drinking 8 oz. of water 10 minutes before eating anything else. The directions also warn against taking prescription medication too close to the chocolate, but this wasn't an issue for your Chocolate Priestess at this time. Given the scent of the chocolate, I thought it would be bitter, but the first bite was very smooth and creamy. Over the course of the next two bites the taste did build up, and it became more bitter, as I had expected given the strength of the scent. That flavor lingered even 45 minutes after taking it and after I ate something else for breakfast.

For lunch I did the same thing, though this time the chocolate tasted a bit more bitter to me. Using it before lunch felt more difficult to me, since I'm always a bit rushed with my writing and getting in new samples of chocolates as well as other more mundane matters. I did make myself use it exactly as directed so that my experiment would be honest and fair.

Yes, the water and the chocolate did make me less hungry, but which one of these is truly responsible for that feeling? The fact is that simply drinking water before you eat will give your stomach less room for other food and drinks, just as having soup as a starter course means you can serve less in the following courses. It's standard advice to drink water before you eat to curb your cravings. So what does the Trū Chocolate add to this water that helps curb cravings or hunger more? For me, I think it did help the cravings a bit, because I drink water all the time — as I have said repeatedly, Sisters and Brothers, it's a great cleanser, not just before chocolate but all the time, for our bodies. I did feel a difference, but that could also be the calories too and not specifically the chocolate itself. I don't honestly have enough samples to test it for several months, as would be required. If you've tried it for months, let me know how that worked for you.

There is a list of ingredients on the website, but overall the health claims are rather vague. Since this isn't promoted as a food, there is no legal requirement for a nutritional label on the above link from which I was sent these samples, so I went to another site listed on the product itself:, the official website for the product. Here I found more detailed information about the product, including "nutrition facts" in that label format that we are all used to seeing on foods in the USA. Word of caution: one of these has 3g of saturated fat, so if you are eating 3-9 of these a day, that's 9-27g of saturated fat a day. It also has very little fiber and protein, so be aware of that when choosing other foods for your meals.

Given all this information and the limited samples I had, I can't back any health or weight-loss claims. It tasted fine, and if you believe that having a little something before you eat might help you lose weight, you now have the information you need to try this out. Using this product does not restrict you as many diet plans do, so it probably isn't as difficult to use as, let's say, cutting out most carbs or eating only raw foods may become over time. Your Chocolate Priestess does strongly suggest that if you decide to try this you strictly follow the guidelines for its use, otherwise you cannot be giving it an honest test yourself. Also, given the amount you'll need to use, I don't think you should consume other chocolate products but instead focus on including proteins, fibers and other nutrients in your diet to supplement it.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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