Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brownies with Protein

Two weeks ago I revealed the nature of two types of cookies from The Protein Bakery and today I will look at the three types of brownies they offered to The Chocolate Cult. As the photo reveals these are all about the same size (3.5X3.5X1 in) but you can tell the different flavors simply by looking at them -- Walnut, Espresso, and Black&White.

The Walnut Brownie is probably my favorite because I get to eat these nuts so rarely since the Milk Chocolate Acolyte is allergic to tree nuts. These are full sized walnut quarters I can see on the top of the brownie. Smells very cocoa. Feels a bit crumbly but not as much as the cookies. The first bite is very soft and very chocolaty, mostly bitter with little sweetness. The walnuts are full and fleshy, their taste mixes very well with the brownie. In texture this is just like I’d expect a brownies to be but there tiny flecks of walnuts throughout — the bulk of the walnuts, I’d guess 95% are on the top where you can see them. That’s fine because when you bite in you take a nice bit half quarter with you. There are at least 12 bites in this, each as good as the previous. Over several bites a mild cocoa buzz does build up.

The Espresso with Cappuccino Chips in the next I try a day or two later. The top is covered in tan baking chips — I counted 38 of them on top. The scent of the coffee is as strong as the cocoa — the first time with these Protein Bakery products that I can say this. The first bite is with fewer chips but the coffee flavor is there in the moist body. Not overwhelming but nicely blended. The second bite is on a corner with a lot of chips but the flavor does not change that much suggesting the flavor is part of the brownie not merely the chips. The buzz begins immediately and builds up over 12 bites but as with all coffee and chocolate products we have to ask: What is creating the buzz? Coffee or Cocoa?

A few days later I try the final brownie, Black & White. I counted 25 baking chips on the top, more white than black. The scent is mostly cocoa again and the first bite does not crumble at all. When you take a bite with the chips in it, there is a crunch and a different texture but sadly not really a different flavor until you have had a few chip including bites then the smooth white chips blend with the bitter black chips to enhance the cocoa. A very mild buzz builds up over time in this 12+ bite treat.

These brownies were all tasty but some of the nutritional facts should inform your usage. Each brownie is one serving so that makes this easy to figure out. Each one has 12g sat fat, 120mg cholesterol, 2g fiber, 11g protein, 35 sugars; no wheat, added soy protein, no artificial flavors or additives. What is amazing is that this nutritional value is the same regardless of the chips or nuts. Now since the focus on this company is protein obviously they have more than you might get in an average brownie but, and Your Chocolate Priestess will always say this, I'd like more fiber as well.

The website for The Protein Bakery is easy to navigate but I must say the music on the pages gets repetitive very quickly and turns annoying at that point. It has almost every type of information you might want from great pictures to nutrition. Since it's getting so hard to find Blondies in my local bakeries, the selection here was very intriguing... perhaps I'll get some for a friend I know who, hold on to your cocoa, Sisters and Brothers, does not like chocolate and another who is allergic. Sometimes we just have to eat one bite more for these poor souls who cannot enjoy the Sacred Substance.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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E-Kitten said...

These look interesting! I made Warm Chocolate Sandwiches the other day and thought of you. They are so have to try them!

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