Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Protein & Cookies

The Protein Bakery sent me two types of their cookies to try. Since they will spoil or get stale long before other chocolate products, I'm reviewing them in two posts. One this week, one next week.

They sent me their "Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies" which come in a plastic sleeve with two cookies or two servings to each pack. Each cookie is about 2.75in across, dark brown with visible chocolate chips as you can see in the picture to the right. The package takes a bit to open since it is sealed tight making me specific these might last longer than the ten days in the documentation I received with them. Once open a pleasant cocoa smell can be found by breathing in deeply.

The cookie is very crumbly and it seems dry though once I bit into it, it was not as dry as I suspected it might be which was a surprise. However the cookie is also not chewy. The chocolate is more bitter than the average mass produced cookie and something about it soaked up the moisture in my mouth. The cocoa taste lingered about 10 minutes after a bite even after I rinsed my mouth out. The product has oats in it which you can feel as you chew though the taste of oats isn't strong. The same can be said for the chips which I didn't find had much taste to them beyond the cookie cocoa which was enough to curb any chocolate craving.

The second cookie was a "Chocolate Chocolate Cherry" one and this came one cookie, two servings, to a plastic sleeve and measured a good 4 inches across. It was also dark brown and you can see darker, blackish pieces which are the cherries -- black because they were baked obviously. Note the size difference in the photo above; you cannot confuse these cookies. Both the cocoa and the cheery could be smelled when I breathed this huge cookie in after unwrapping it. This was also crumbly to the touch but a bit moister inside from the cherries. The sweetness and tartness of the cherry almost overwhelmed the cocoa but managed to just blend nicely. Like the other cookie this too has oats, I'm a bit fan of added fiber.

However, each serving has identical nutrients and they are not a good source of fiber. Why should they be? They are "protein" cookies after all. Each serving had 4g of protein which I'm not sure I'd call a good source of protein either. Each serving also had 25mg of cholesterol and 4g of saturated fat -- that concerns your Chocolate Priestess. Clearly this fat can't just be from the baking chips because the Cherry cookie has it as well. All I can think is that it is primarily from the butter, whey protein and eggs but that still seems like a lot of saturated fat to me.

The Protein Bakery cookies I tried tasted good and satisfied any cocoa craving easily with only one serving. The website puts all the nutritional information within easy reach so you can decide what works best in your own diet or daily regime.

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