Thursday, May 28, 2009

Search for the Chocolate Coconut Acolyte

Your Chocolate Priestess does her best to give honest descriptions and reviews of chocolate related products as you all know. However, she, like everyone else, has food preferences, dislikes, and even hatreds. Coconut is something she has great difficulty being unbiased about.

Thus, I am opening a new position within the Cult with the official title of “Chocolate Coconut Acolyte.” Please read the requirements and how to apply below. If you think you are qualified and you want to join us, follow the directions.

Requirements for the Chocolate Coconut Acolyte:
1. Must have a fondness for chocolate and coconut together.
2. Must live in or near enough to Bloomington, Indiana that you can assist The Chocolate Priestess a few times a year for special coconut sacrament reviews.
3. Must have reliable transportation so you can get to these review meetings.
4. Must be at ease with eating chocolate and answering questions about that experience — The Chocolate Priestess will write the articles and simply lead you in the proper testing of potential sacraments.

The winner will have their views of chocolate and coconut published on The Chocolate Cult, receive free samples of all products they are asked to test for this purpose, and enjoy one-on-one testing led by The Chocolate Priestess to ensure the integrity of the reviews. No other monetary or product compensation is offered, and all reviews will become the property of The Chocolate Cult/The Chocolate Priestess.

A formal agreement between the newly chosen Chocolate Coconut Acolyte and The Chocolate Cult/The Chocolate Priestess will be presented to the winner for her or his acceptance or rejection. If the first place winner rejects the agreement, the position will be offered to the next place winner until the position is filled.

How to Apply:
1. Join The Chocolate Cult at — you must be a visible follower, not anonymous.
2. Post a comment to this announcement where you describe in 200 words or less why you think chocolate and coconut make a great combination and why you want to aid The Chocolate Cult by becoming an Acolyte.
3. Do not include personal contact information yet … the top five applicants will be asked to contact The Chocolate Priestess directly, and at that time such information will be required.

This application period will last for 60 days from the posting of this information or from May 28, 2009 through August 3, 2009.


Cheryl said...

If you should have a need for an East Coast Adjunct Chocolate Coconut Acolyte, you should let me know! (I happen to live awfully close to the divine Lake Champlain Chocolates, King Arthur Flour, and many other delightful confectioners & bakers ... I'm just sayin'.)

icefairy said...

I love both chocolate and coconut, but too bad I don't live in your area. *Sigh*

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Ah, I'm so sorry, Cheryl and icefairy. Please do consider becoming followers and letting your friends know about us here.

In the future I'm sure I'll have other contests that won't be limited by geography so strictly.

mavido79 said...

My love of both chocolate and coconut go back to when I was a wee lass and help my my mother and aunt make Christmas confections every year. I've been a fan of Coconut and Chocolate since my first Mounds candy bar (which was roughly back in the early years of the Nixon administration.) I find that the "bite" of dark chocolate does a better job of counterbalancing coconut's sweetness than milk chocolate does.

Because I've been loving chocolate and coconut for the better part of 50 years and have been making my own personal comparison (Nestle-Yes, sweet. smooth and creamy, Hershey-No. Dry, gritty)... and because I have a copy of Sandra Boynton's book, Chocolate: the consuming passion (said book purchased in 1985 at Ambrosia Chocolate in Milwaukee) for "reference", I think I would make an excellent Chocolate/Coconut Acolyte

LilJennie said...
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spanishbubbles said...

As a child, I remember trying to avoid the coconut pieces in boxes of chocolate. In adulthood, I see the error of my ways. Coconut has such a distinct, yet subtle, flavor—rich and round. I wouldn’t call it sweet enough to qualify it as a dessert by itself, but the longer your hold it in your mouth the more pronounced its sweetness becomes. The addition of chocolate makes the flavor all the more interesting, as the more immediate sweetness segues perfectly into the subtle coconut.

The real genius of chocolate and coconut, however, is not the flavor but the texture. Chocolate, in most incarnations at least, is smooth, and combined with the rough, soft coconut it makes magic. I like to take a bite of chocolate coconut and hold it against the roof of my mouth, slowly feeling the smooth and creamy chocolate melt away to reveal the rough and equally creamy coconut. And coconut is not limited to one texture—toasted coconut is a whole category unto itself. I love chocolate, but I know that my chocolate tasting ways need honing, and I’d love to work with a master taster such as the Chocolate Priestess.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Excellent, spanishbubbles, we have our second official entry now for this position.

I will contact you on August 3, 2009, to let you know if you have made it to the interview round.

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