Monday, July 27, 2009

Kroger Chocolate Chip Muffins

A while back, your Chocolate Priestess revealed the Double Chocolate Muffins from Kroger to you all. This Chocolate Chip Muffin to your right is their other offering in this category that might be of interest to you, Sisters and Brothers. As you can see they come in two forms: with chocolate drizzle on top or without. Frankly the drizzle adds only a small amount of flavor.

Just like the previous variety of muffins, these are crusty on the top but inside very moist with a good texture that you would expect from such a baked good. I got these in the little paper bags they have so that I could easily recycle the container. The chips themselves are semi-sweet so with both a bite of bitterness and a tang of sweetness in their mini pieces. There are a lot chips in each muffin throughout it so you are not lacking for chips.

These are very sweet compared to the Double Chocolate ones and frankly do not provide a choco rush so much as a sugar spike. What is the difference? To me, cocoa products create a tingling that begins in the mouth and moves up through the sinus into the mind, you can feel your head becoming lighter. Sugar starts deeper in the body’s core and spreads through my limbs only coming to rest in my head with a dull ache. I’m sure other find the sugar reaction more pleasant but I prefer a balance between the two or a more chocolate sensation to my body and mind.

The result is that the Chocolate Chip Muffin is not something I can strongly recommend for The Chocolate Cult. Is it a good muffin? It’s decent for it’s price but the sugar buzz far outweighs the cocoa rush when you eat it. Given that these have basically the same nutritional information as the Double Chocolate Muffins, it must be a matter of how much cocoa and the type of cocoa in each that creates the different physical reactions.


Keithgarrick said...

I have been telling people for a long time that Kroger has some good muffins and nobody believed me. That chocolate chip is fantastic!

TheChocolatePriestess said...

I next need to check out other grocery stores in our area to see what they offer that might be useful to us here.

James said...

Kroger stopped carrying those wonderful chocolate chip muffins which were made for them by someone else! I wish I knew where they got them!

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Oh, did they, James? That's too bad. Normally after I've reviewed something here I move on to the next chocolaty thing and don't have time to return to it so my readers updating me is a good thing.

Keep it up folks, please.

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