Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chocolate Pictures Help With Healthy Choices

Last week, your Chocolate Priestess saw a post about a Dutch study that claimed women who craved chocolate made healthier food choices right after looking at pictures of chocolate. I went looking for more information and found both a UK Daily Mail article and a Fox News piece. Here is a summary of what these reports state because I couldn't find a scientific report yet -- if you know if this is online yet, Sisters and Brothers, please let me know.

54 women who were "conscious" about their weight were shown pictures of chocolate then asked to choice between a chocolate snack and a healthy one. Most of them chose the healthier food. The psychologists speculate that this is because their cravings and desires were brought to the forefront of their minds, making them more conscious of that craving and thus able to resist it better. Perhaps the photo some how satisfied that craving as well. This same study revealed that women who had a large breakfast including something sweet had fewer cravings during the day for unhealthy choices.

This study is important here in The Chocolate Cult because it bolsters some of my own hopes. I hope that when you read my reviews of products you are given enough information to make better choices. I hope that the pictures draw you in but now I see that they may also serve to make you more aware of your cocoa cravings and aid in your conscious choices. While I want each of us to use chocolate in moderation and with a purpose, I never want you to deprive yourself of the Sacred Substance because that may only lead you to temptation to misuse or overuse it.

I've heard from some people that they are afraid this cult will only increase their desires. I hope it increases their desire to make good choices, healthy choices, and to fully embrace the chocolate they chose to use so they get the most from it with the greatest health and spiritual benefits versus any negatives they could get from over eating or eating poor quality chocolate with fillers and unnecessary fats and calories.

This is my challenge to you all, Sisters and Brothers, come back to The Chocolate Cult whenever you feel a craving and indulge your senses by looking at our post and pictures. Embrace your desire for cocoa by using your other senses and mind. Then go out and make a healthy choice if you still feel hungry knowing that these descriptions and photos will be here for your pleasure and enlightenment. Please, testify here if this Cult has helped your choices in chocolate and cocoa. Remember you can find all of the pictures that have appeared in our Cult here.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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mavido79 said...

The biggest help that the Chocolate Cult has given to me is helping me to differentiate the hype from the truth about chocolate's healthy benefits. Granted I don't always make the best choices but at least I don't rationalize them by saying that they're "healthy".

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