Monday, August 3, 2009

Lara vs Luna Bars

Yesterday your Chocolate Priestess made an error when she stated she had only two Luna bars to try. I found another today among that pile of energy bars that were on sale at my local coop. Going through the entire selection I found the one Luna and one Lara bar as well. So today, Sisters and Brothers, I will compare them.

First thing to note is that they weigh about the same amount (1.69/1.7g) but are different dimensions. The Luna is 4X2X0.6 inches while the Lara is 3X1.25X0.75 inches. As you can see in the picture they also look quite different. Lara bars are 100% organic vs the 70% for Luna. Lara are also mostly raw, made of several types of nuts, dates, cocoa, with no soy, while this Luna bar is much like the ones I revealed yesterday in terms of ingredients and nutrients. The Lara bar has 2g saturated fat, 270mg potassium, 5g fiber, 18g sugars, and 5g protein.

The real question you are probably asking, Sisters and Brothers, is "How do these taste?"

The "Cookies & Cream Delight" from Luna is crunchy. It has a white chocolate layer on the bottom as well as dribbles on the top and cocoa flavored soy crisps as the major component. It tastes vaguely like an Oreo might and the crisps have a buzz potential.

The "Jocalat" or chocolate Larabar reminds me of the first "fat free" cookies we bought years ago and frankly those didn't taste very good so what this bar looks like is an immediate turn off to my senses. However, my duty to all of you is to try things and describe them so I bravely take a bite. It's oddly damp in texture by dry in taste, the overwhelming flavor is dates which only grows with each bite. I am not pleased.

Of these two bars I have to give the Luna much higher marks in terms of taste, texture, sound, and looks. The Lara smells more chocolaty but honestly does not have the taste to back that up. If you like dates, and this bar has one full serving of them, the Larabar is your best choice. If you are looking for chocolate go to the Luna Bars.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


Dr. N said...

The Lara non-chocolate flavors are very good (cherry, especially), but I agree that the chocolate ones are sort of pointless.

Cameron said...

I love your blog, and this analysis was outstanding! So happy to have found you and will be signing up! Thanks for visiting us at earlier!
Cheers Oh Chocolate One!

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thank you both, Dr. N and Cameron, for your comments. I hope you keep reading and commenting on future posts especially our Saturday Sacraments.

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