Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pepperidge Farm Granola Cookies

Pepperidge Farms has a new type of cookie called "Granola" that comes in several flavors. Your Chocolate Priestess noticed this during a normal grocery shopping trip. Since they were on sale, I decided to try the one chocolate version they had on the shelves "Dark Chocolate Almond" which comes in a 7.20 oz bag with 8 cookies which equals 8 servings.

Opening the bag reveals a strong granola scent but no chocolate. The cookies are crunchy but not overly hard and continue to crunch with each bite. There are very strong sweet and almond flavors. While the dark chocolate pieces are not numerous they add a touch of bitterness. The result is a mixture of sweet, savory, and bitter with a pleasing texture but no real cocoa buzz potential.

The package says it is made with whole grains and a mixture of spices which are not individually listed in the ingredients so if you are allergic to various spices stay away from these — I think I tasted ginger and cinnamon among these but there could be others. Each cookie has 2.5g sat fat, 5mg cholesterol, 65mg sodium, 2g dietary fiber, 8g sugars, 2g protein, and 4% of your daily needed iron.

These are a great addition to the Pepperidge line up and especially great for granola lovers but honestly not that much for chocolate lovers compared to other types of cookies they have.


leoness said...

Thanks for the review. Since there's not much chocolate taste in this one; I'll skip it! :)

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thank you for reading and commenting, leoness. I'm sure I'll find other cookies with more chocolate in them in the future.

TheChocolatePriestess said...
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