Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Too Little Chocolate in Low Priced Eclair Pie

Sisters and Brothers, one of the things that helps curb your Chocolate Priestess's chocolate cravings is the fact that I feel it is my obligation to you all to try a wide variety of various products so that you can make a better choice without spending money. Some days I find good products at a decent cost, sometimes poor treats overpriced, and rarely I find something great for very little money. This is something else.

As I've revealed before, eclairs rarely have a lot of chocolate though the amount can vary greatly from a light spread over the top to the entire pastry being encased in chocolate of some type. The ingredients of the chocolate determine the buzz potential even more than the mere quantity of it. As you can see to the left this little pie, measuring 4 inches across, has five curly lines of chocolate frosting over the top. Cocoa is the 11th ingredient on the list and it comes in the section entitled "contains less than 2% of the following". Clearly this isn't a great choice for chocolate but it was $1 for what is a cute little pie.

Aside from the cocoa itself, the pie could taste good and still be worth that dollar for someone who didn't want a lot of chocolate. Shocking I know but, Sisters and Brothers, such people do exist and we should encourage them to enjoy small quantities of the Sacred Substance. The crust was slightly flaky, about what I'd expect for a buck, and the inside had a very thick and firm cream with a solid vanilla flavor, a flavor the ingredients list informs me is artificial. The resulting taste was just acceptable but a review of the nutrition facts was interesting. The pie has 11g saturated fat or 54% of the adult recommended daily allowance. It also has 400mg sodium, 5g fiber (which surprised me), 23g sugars (I suspected it would have more), 4g protein, 6% calcium and 2% iron you should get each day. The problem then is really the saturated fat because none of the other amounts get above 19% of your daily limits or needs.

Finally, who makes this product was a bit difficult for me to determine so I apologize in advance if the link I'm about to give is incorrect. No city or state is listed as providing this pie that I found in my local Kroger. The title is simply "Old Fashioned Baked Chocolate Eclair Pie" but an inside title is "Table Talk Old Fashioned Eclair Pie 3226". I think this is one of 18 flavors of 4 inch pie made by "Table Talk Pie" company in Worcester Massachusetts. If that is so, then they make two other chocolate varieties: Chocolate Creme and Brownie but neither of these was available at my local Kroger.

So this was a cheap mini-pie that tasted fine. It isn't something I'd serve to guests or even buy again personally. But if you like eclairs more for their creme and you have a craving but only a small amount of money, this might be a good choice for you in very limited quantities. Better, cut it in half like I did and share it to cut down on the saturated fat.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


Ashley Myer said...

Looks so yummy!! Did you buy this mini eclair pie at walmart? If so, which walmart did you buy it at??? Ive only seen apple, blueberry, lemon and pecan :(

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Hi, Ashley, thanks for reading and commenting.

No I got this in my local Kroger like I said above in the post.

It wasn't very good but what can you expect for low price, right?

Drew Gay said...

I've had many of these pies and they are the best pies I've ever tasted. I'm super pissed that they stopped selling these at Wal-Mart. I need to know where I can buy some around Gastonia, NC. I've been craving them for the greater part of a year. Help!!!! Lol

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Hi, Drew, thanks for leaving a comment. This post is almost a year old and I haven't seen these pies since but as you could tell from my review I wasn't thrilled by their chocolate content. I don't shop at Wal-mart so I can't say if they carry them anymore. My best advice is to go to the Customer Service desk or office in person and ask about them. Sometimes a grocery store is willing to place a special order for a product they no longer carry if you are willing to buy several of them. Alternatively you can try to find the company that makes them and telephone or email them or even check out their website to see if they have a list of where you can buy their products.

Good Luck!

Mike Serpa said...

My wife loves these pies and our Walmart stopped selling them also. However, to my surprise I found 5 of them for sale at a different store (Santa Maria, Ca) called Foods Co. I purchased 4 of the five in hopes that someone else could try one and hopefully try one and spread the word. I like the lemon ones the best!

TammyJo Eckhart said...

Wow this is one of our oldest posts How did you find it, Mike Serpa?

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