Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why Do You Eat Chocolate?

Most of the time, Your Chocolate Priestess is writing about companies that make chocolate, issues of protecting the land we grow cacao on, labor practices, news items or health information about chocolate, or doing a review that should engage your five senses. Sometimes I'm going to write something more personal and today, I hope you will return that favor with a few comments of your own.

I used to eat chocolate a lot, we are talking thousands of calories worth every week. As a culture, in America we joke about people being chocoholics. That makes light of what can be a very serious problem. I've known for many years that cocoa is a drug and I've known for many years that the usual forms it can be consumed it are high in calories and low in nutritional value. Yet knowing this didn't stop what I now know was an abuse of the Sacred Substance.

I ate chocolate because was a special occasion, something I still firmly believe is a value use of this product in any form. I ate chocolate because I received it as gifts and consuming it reminded me that someone cared; again a good reason to use it. I ate chocolate because I was lonely or bored or angry at myself or disappointed in someone else -- none of these are good reasons to at anything let alone chocolate.

I felt this way because I was raised this way by parents who used food both to reward and confuse me. I literally could be told I was too fat in the morning and then that same evening that I needed to eat more because I was getting too thin; or the opposite, there doesn't seem to have been a connection to reality.

Let's face it, if you eat enough of the poorest chocolate it will eventually give you that buzz, that rush of pleasure, and so because I knew that reaction would happen, chocolate was something I could rely on. It is fine to have things we can rely on in our lives, we need this sense of stability to function well, I believe, but also have to learn to be that stability that you need without external substances to fuel it.

The Chocolate Cult is a manifestation of my own growth toward a healthier and happier relationship with chocolate. I hope that when you read what I write that it does entertain you but I pray it also makes you think. If I do both those things, then I have succeeded.

Sisters and Brothers, please take a few minutes and tell me, honestly, why you eat chocolate. I'm going to leave this up until I get 10 comments or it's time for our Saturday Sacraments because sharing is part of growing together and learning from each other. Please do share your reasons and motivations for eating chocolate.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


Quinn VanOrder said...

I eat chocolate for several reasons, one of course if the flavor. but also for the imagination... I like to think, where the beans have been, and how glorious it is that beans that, by themselves are bitter and rather unappealing, become, through some sort of magic (some people call this cooking, but i steadfastly assert that it is, in fact magic) becomes such delicious chocolate

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Those are wonderful thoughts, Quinn. Thank you for sharing them.

The way chocolate is made, where it comes from, all of that has a huge impact on flavor.

Tally Foodie said...

I eat chocolate because when I was growing up we would always have a little dessert after dinner. So I guess it became sort of a tradition in my family. If I don't have something sweet after dinner (preferably chocolate), my night is not complete!

TheChocolatePriestess said...

I can completely relate to that, Tally Foodie. It was the same way in my family growing up. The Milk Chocolate Acolyte's family only had desserts for special occasions though I note that he snacks all the time, usually later at night which I think isn't a good thing.

foodtravelbangalore said...

I eat chocolate because I like the way it spreads slowly and richly over my tongue. It calms me down.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Ah, so you prefer to let the chocolate melt instead of chew it. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing, foodtravelbangalore.

mavido79 said...

Like the Chocolate Priestess, my reasons for eating chocolate are evolving. In the past I took the Edmund Hillary approach. I ate chocolate because it was there. And let's face it... chocolate is pretty much everywhere so I was eating quite a bit of it. Now, I use chocolate mostly for one of two reasons. One, is that I find chocolate can help me be more creative and interestingly enough, it doesn't necessarily take "fine chocolate" for this to happen. Cheap and chewy chocolate (i.e. Tootsie Rolls or Milk Duds) can easily do the trick. The other reason is that I'm looking for a particular pleasurable sensation that only chocolate can elicit and for that I really do prefer a higher quality (and usually higher cocoa content) from my chocolate

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Thank you for these thoughts, mavido79.

And remember, Sisters and Brothers, that this is our Chocolate Coconut Acolyte so listen up when she witnesses to you.

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