Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Fudge From Nashville

The Nashville Candy Store is located at 1326 Annandale Drive West in Nashville, Indian. It does have a website you can check out or you can call them directly at this toll free number 1-877-735-8657 or send an email to

The store is located inside a sort of mini-mall area of Nashville, one of several such areas though many are an outdoor courtyard with surrounding stores, this one is entirely indoor. The Nashville Candy Store is the first store as you walk inside to your left. As the pictures will show, it is a small shop but packed with things to choose from. I had to wait about ten minutes to get inside because it seemed where ever our little group went, we were quickly followed by a dozen or more people.

Of the 18 flavors you can see listed on their website, I bought ¼ pounds of six flavors, the fudge display is in the photo to the left. Why 1.5 pounds? Simple. They had two offers. 4 varieties equaling one pound and 6 varieties equaling one pound but both cost the same amount. More variety for the same amount, I’d be fool not to try that, don’t you agree, Sisters and Brothers? The woman who cut the fudge for me told me that they make it themselves but I doubt they make all the candy in the store. Below are two more photos of the other offerings in this small shop.

The six varieties came packed in a white box with the store's label on it and included two tiny knives to cut off pieces. The six pieces fit perfectly into the box, so perfectly that I had to tear open the sides when it was time to try them all for this revelation. Left over fudge can be stored in plastic containers once the air is removed for week in the refrigerator or months in the freezer. To make sure I get the air out, I prefer using plastic bags that I can fit more closely to the shape of the fudge.

The Chocolate Amaretto Swirl is very interesting looking, standing out from the rest of the fudges in the display case with it’s bright pink waves in the chocolate. It has a strong fruity scent that I cannot quite place so I take a bite. The flavors of chocolate and I think apricot literally melt with the fudge, mixing together perfectly. The bitter aftertaste common with Amaretto only enhances the natural essence of the cocoa and I really love this flavor of fudge. For more of the fruit, take a bite primarily of the pink areas, for more chocolate focus on the brown sections.

As I’ve said before, Sisters and Brothers, peanut butter chocolate fudge or just peanut butter fudge is very, very common in most stores where they sell this confection. Look at this piece, two-tone in color and I suspect two-tone in flavor as well. Taking a deep whiff of it I can’t separate the peanut from the chocolate scent. I take a bite that is equally both layers and they blend delightfully though the aftertaste is more peanut. The peanut butter layer alone is very buttery more than peanut in flavor and it easily melts into a smooth cream. The chocolate layer has a strong cocoa essence that sends a slightly rush of sensation up into my eyes as I chew it. This is an intriguing piece of fudge but it would be nice if the cocoa was stronger when you ate both layers together.

Nuts and fudge are another common combination in many candy shops. The Nashville Candy Store’s Chocolate Walnut variety has both small and large pieces of walnuts in it as you can see in the picture. The scent is primarily chocolate with the walnuts a secondary fragrance. Just like the previous pieces this practically melts in my mouth. It has a surprising almost marshmallowy flavor to it but no white fluff that I can see. That sweetness overpowers both the cocoa and the walnut flavors ultimately is disappointing because I wanted the chocolate nut fudge not this sweet fluff essence.

Sisters and Brothers, when you see “turtle” as a flavor you expect three things, right? Chocolate, caramel, nuts. The type of each of those three ingredients can vary between milk and dark, sweet and tangy, pecans or cashews. The Turtle fudge here has the caramel only on the top it appears but the nuts, they look like pecans, mixed in with the chocolate. This smells exactly like a turtle candy I’ve had recently from another chocolatier in Nashville so I take a bite. The caramel is on the tangier side of flavors, the cocoa again rather marshmallow like but the pecans are nice. Together they don’t quite have the turtle taste I was hoping for and it ends very sugary in the aftertaste.

The Plain Chocolate fudge is probably milk chocolate since there is a “dark” version as well. It smells just like milk chocolate fudge should when I bring a slice to my nose. Like the previous pieces, a bite basically melts in my mouth feeling it with a bitter cocoa flavor and the sugary flavor. In this case, the chocolate overcomes the sugar and butter flavors and by the second bite there is are equal buzzes of cocoa and sugar in my body. This is a good homemade chocolate fudge.

The Dark Chocolate fudge is darker in color than the plain though not by much and I fear my photograph cannot do the two flavors justice. Guess you’ll just have to visit the shop to see it yourself, Sisters and Brothers. As I take a breath of the fudge, dark cocoa hits me and I am very pleased. Other dark chocolate fudges I’ve tired from this one trip did not have such an intense odor so I hope the flavor matches. Sadly it does not. Unlike the plain chocolate that manages to overcome the sweetness, this darker version very strangely cannot manage resulting in a bittersweet aftertaste with a marshmallowy edge to it. Bittersweet can be great as can dark chocolate, but this other flavor I keep finding is really not very pleasing to me.

All of these fudges are cool to my fingertips but not one bit waxy or oily. Their marshmallow flavor in every fudge variety, reminds me of one homemade way I’ve made fudge myself or that my mother has made it. That can be a great flavor if you really like the average homemade type but it can easily overwhelm any cocoa in the batch. Of these six flavors I have to say the Amaretto was easily my favorite one and I highly recommend trying it yourselves.

Check out yesterday's post about the First Official Pilgrimage for The Chocolate Cult which will be the Chocolate Walk in November ( sponsored by the Humane Society of Brown County.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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