Monday, October 5, 2009

Bare Naked Bar Fails the Chocolate Test

Like some of my Sisters and Brothers may have also received, your Chocolate Priestess got a bar sample from Bare Naked, the bar was called "Chocolaty Cherry" and I had high hopes only to see them dashed when I received the product in the mail.  Even in the plastic partly see through wrapper it looked and felt very mushy and immediately I was not hopeful about this bar. The bar claims to be 1.9oz of “positive energy” the label says, made up of cherries, pecans, almonds and chocolate with chocolate only the 9th ingredient and, surprise, coconut, sigh. 

This 4 X 2 X 0.25 inches bar has 230 calories with 2g saturated fat, 60mg sodium, 4g dietary fiber, 14g sugars, 4g protein and 4% of the daily iron an adult needs.  It is very soft and frankly has zero cocoa scent to it when I open the wrapper.  In fact, in terms of how this looks and smells, I do not desire to even take a bite but for you, Sisters and Brothers, I will do so.  I can taste the cherry, oats and nuts, not even the Chocolate Coconut Acolyte would be amused though since really there are no other tastes, certainly not chocolate.  While the texture is complex and there is a slight crunch as you chew, this cannot make up for the disappointment of the bar over all in terms of cocoa which is what we most care about here in The Chocolate Cult.

Remove “chocolaty” from the label please and just promote this as a cherry nut bar.  That would be a more truthful label and give the buyer a better idea of what they are buying when they buy this.  Luckily I was given this, not as an offering, just a general free sample, so I don’t feel let down beyond the label and taste.  As you know, I will never recommend something that does not please me so Sisters and Brothers, I cannot recommend this bar at all.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


mavido79 said...

It amuses and saddens me how food manufacturers make these "energy" bars with chocolate, as if it were some magic bullet. The body is just going to break it down to sugar and fat like any other ingredient so if it doesn't add anything to the flavor, then why bother?

TheChocolatePriestess said...

I think, though I cannot prove, that it is purely a marketing ploy. An attempt to sell more products by playing into the popularity of chocolate.

I feel the same about the dark chocolate craze that is hitting all types of products. Most often these are not 80% or high cacao which we know from studies is required before true health benefits kick in. Thus it can only be a marketing ploy.

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