Thursday, October 15, 2009

Caramel & Chocolate Spread Breakfast

Last night I went in search of specific salts to use in a review of a chocolate cookbook I've been sent, Sisters and Brothers.  It ended in only 2/3 success again but you'll see that review in a few weeks after I've made three recipes from that book.  Instead I found a wonderful selection of chocolate at the Sahara Mart about half a mile from my house.  Hopefully in the future the store's owner will let me return to take some pictures to share with you all.

I bought this product while I was there because it is similar enough to other chocolate spreads I've used that I'm fairly sure I'll like it but I've never seen this product before.  Euro Kitchens' "Chocoblenz" is a caramel and chocolate spread, one of four chocolate spreads they offer.  The label says that Europeans use spreads like this on a variety of pastry and bread products and having lived in Europe and traveled there many years ago, I can confirm it was fairly common.

As you can in the jar, there are swirls of the darker chocolate and lighter caramel.  This 14.1oz jar cost $4.89 and has 10.5 servings per jar.  Each serving has 210 calories, 3g saturated fat, 30mg sodium, <1g dietary fiber, 21g sugars, 1g protein, and 6% of the daily iron recommened for adults.  Low fat cocoa powder is the third ingredient on the label but the caramel is artificial in flavor.  It does contain milk and soy for those of you with allergies.  When I opened this jar, it had a wax paper cover under the plastic lid that was difficult to peel off in one piece, no scent whiffed up.  Even attempts to smell the mixture brought little scent and this remained the case was I spread it on two pieces of whole grain, high fiber toast and two Ritz whole grain crackers.

The spread on the crackers has a tangy cocoa flavor but the buttery nature of the cracker and it's whole grains also comes through.  I used the crackers as a way to gauge how the flavor of the spread is affected by what it is placed on, normally I do not have crackers for breakfast.  But I do have this whole grain, high fiber toast a few times a week for breakfast.  The spread on the toast is just cocoa and tangy caramel flavor but compared to the thickness of the toast that essence gives way to the toast's own flavors after a few chews.  No, how I cut it, into two rectangles or two triangles, did not affect the taste even though different people like their toast cut in different shapes.

Over all this is exactly like I expected a chocolate and caramel spread to taste like on these crackers and toast.  The price was also about what I expected for such an imported item, this came from Holland the label said.  I think I'll try it on the cupcakes I make this weekend, National Chocolate Cupcake Day is Sunday by the way, and I'll let you know how it tastes then.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


JMom said...

What a terrific blog you have! I love chocolate too :)

And this combination of caramel and chocolate sounds delicious! I would probably eat it straight out of the jar or over ice cream :) did you try heating it to see if it would get syrupy or goopy enough to put over ice cream?

TheChocolatePriestess said...

I did not try heating it up, JMom. I will be trying it on cupcakes and I'll try one or two while they are still warm to see how it melts. The label didn't suggest ice cream but if you find it in a store near you and try it, put a comment here about that and let us know.

Thank you for reading The Chocolate Cult. I hope you check out our "Sacraments" for the really intense revelations.

mavido79 said...

oh, this looks absolutely scrumptous! I agree that it could make a wonderful ice cream topping if heated.

Anonymous said...

This stuff is wonderful. I bought the hazelnut with milk chocolate at Tuesday Morning. I highly recommend it. It was $2.99 there. But it is gone now, I think everyone else liked it also.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

When you say "bought it there" where exactly do you mean?

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