Thursday, November 12, 2009

Celebrate Fall & Winter Holidays with Chocolate

All ready The Chocolate Cult has looked at a few of the many choices  you could make for gifts or to use yourself in the upcoming flood of fall and winter holidays.  Yesterday, your Chocolate Priestess added a list of discounts and coupons that readers of this blog can use at various companies.  I'll keep expanding that list as more come to me.  I need something from you, Sisters and Brothers.

You need to keep reading, especially our "Sacraments" which is where I'll be doing the five senses revealations I know you all enjoy.  "Sacraments" are of course the products that chocolatiers and retailers send to us to review.  Not only will there be our "Saturday Sacraments" but also "Special Sacraments" so you can see what is available and determine how you want to spend your money for all of the various holidays you'll be celebrating.

Even with my very midwestern background there are three majory holidays approaching for me personally: Thanksgiving, Christmas and its Eve, New Year and its Eve.  All of them can use or feature chocolate in a variety of ways in desserts, main dishes and of course as gifts of food, books, calendars, the possibilities are endless.

For those Sisters and Brothers from other backgrounds and in other nations, you too have a ton of holidays approaching.  I hope that companies and chocolatiers who cater to these special events and festivals will also entrust us to reveal them to the world since I know our Followers and readers come from around the world. 

What I'd love to hear about today from each of you, Sisters and Brothers, is about the holidays you will be celebrating until 2010.  Do you normally use Chocolate during your parties or special meals or family gatherings?  How do you use it?  Does it have a Sacred meaning for you during these holidays or is it more of a fun way to mark occasions?

Tell me, your Chocolate Priestess desires the knowledge you all possess.  That way I can learn more and then reach out further, bringing the message of Moderation and Purposefulness to the World which loves chocolate.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


mavido79 said...

Mate and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with friends her husband has requested a chocolate dessert offering in addition to the traditional pumpkin pie. Since chocolate has almost always factored into my family's observation of this holiday, I have no problem with his request but I will be making a much healthier dessert than was ever served when I was growing up--Chocolate Idaho Cupcakes.

I observe Yule as a sacred holiday and no chocolate is involved in that. It's not prohibited but we usually change the traditional "cakes and ale" ceremony to "gingerbread and spiced cider" as opposed to "DingDongs and hot cocoa".

Christmas and New Years (and my birthday smack dab in between) are celebrated with friends and family and while no specific plans have been made, the sacred substance always factors in in some capacity. This year I hope to make my first sampling of chocolate sorbet. I also want to be more discriminating this year and not just gobble down cocoa treats for no better reason than they are there.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

All of that sounds great! Chocolate sorbet is wonderful, still a lot of calories but little to no fat. Gelato is also excellent.

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