Monday, November 30, 2009

Gelato Anytime

Your Chocolate Priestess mentioned gelato early this year after a time to the Chicago area and a wonderful little shop called Taviata where we got some plus a few other treats the chocolatier gave us and we bought.  I remember gelato from when I lived in Rome for two semesters or eight months if you like.  Finding it in the midwest was proving difficult and the tiny place that used to me in my town didn't last long.

That's why when I saw this gelato from Ciao Bella in my local coop, I had to get their chocolate flavor and give it a try.  Each flavor, there were about six in stock when I found this, had it's own color scheme and this stood out with purple, orange and white but it didn't scream chocolate.  It happened to be on sale making it about the average regular price for some thing like a Godiva or Ben & Jerry ice cream pint.  So far I've only seen this brand in the Bloomingfoods coop in Bloomington, Indiana, but perhaps you can find it elsewhere.

Each 1 pint container has four servings but be honest with yourself: How often do you make this sort of treat last four servings.  If you do then you are well versed in Moderation.  Frankly it is easier with gelato than other frozen chocolate treats.  Often the cocoa flavor is dulled by the cold but not gelato so the essence of the cocoa seems more intense and you can get a buzz faster.  You will get one faster on this because it tastes smooth, creamy, rich, and differently like darker chocolate.

Gelato is not dairy free however, this isn't sorbet, that is dairy and animal free so it's good for vegans.  This like most ice cream is good for vegetarians and the rest of us because other than dairy there is nothing else from an animal.  Dairy appears to be the only allegen in the flavor as well unless you count cocoa but then why are you reading The Chocolate Cult?

In terms of nutrition this lacks a bit behind ice cream in some categories such as fiber and protein but has less fat over if you are comparing it to regular or rich ice cream.  However, each serving, remember there are four in this container, has the following make up.  240 calories, 8g saturated fat, 45mg cholesterol, 60mg sodium, less than a gram of fiber, 20g sugars, 5g protein, and 10% of the daily Vitamin A, Calcium, and Iron an adult needs. 

Because of the intensity of the flavor, the price, and the Path, Sisters and Brothers, I made this last several evenings over a few months.  Economically I can't say that buying pints is ever the best choice but I wanted to try this for all of you.  Check out your own stores and let me know if Ciao Bella Gelato Company is selling near you.


angelina said...

Fortunately for us vegans, there is a dairy-free ice cream that tastes as light, rich, and creamy as gelato. It called Purely Decadent Made with Coconut Milk, and the chocolate flavor tastes as good as the gelato I had when I was growing up in Italy.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Ah, my partner has had the Purely Decadent variety but I've not tried it yet so I can't comment on it.

Thanks for reading and commenting, angelina. I hope you continue to join us here on The Chocolate Cult.

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