Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009 from The Chocolate Cult

Sisters and Brothers who are in the USA, I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving this 2009.

For those of you who are not Americans, and your Chocolate Priestess can see that we have readers around the globe, I wish you a wonderful holiday season as well because I know for most of us there were be several important holidays over the next month or two.

While Thanksgiving is not normally a time when you think of chocolate, spicy and savory desserts tend to dominant the menu, I'm betting there will be one or two things at the restaurant my family and some friends are going to today and I know there will be chocolate here because I plan to try a new hot chocolate recipe later.

I hope you will indulge me today, Sisters and Brothers, and let me list a few things I'm thankful for as I reflect back on 2009.  I'm going to steer away from the traditional list involving family and friends and deities and focus on unexpected things I discovered this year.

I'm thankful that I started The Chocolate Cult.  Starting this Journey has helped me understand and appreciate chocolate and use it more positively in my life.  A wonderful side effect has been that I've lost 30 pounds this year and as you can tell from my photos, losing weight is not a bad idea for me.  I believe that my changing my attitude and relationship toward Chocolate has been a huge help in this matter and I've talked about that before in greater depth.  Let me say though that I have NOT been on a diet.  I've been restructuring how I relate to food and use it and how I exercise and listen to my body -- with degrees of success.  Seeing that scale in my doctor's office twice a year and getting comments from people only encourages me to continue but the goal is to have a healthy relationship with food and my body.  Chocolate has always been a huge part of my life so I'm very thankful that doing The Chocolate Cult has helped me develop a healthier attitude.

I'm thankful for all of you readers.  I'm thankful for those who have commented and especially thankful for those of you who have commented multiple times.  You give me feedback which encourages me to ask more questions, do more research, and just keep writing.  Please keep commenting and reading and let your friends know about ut.

I'm thankful for my Acolytes be they family members who began with me or those who applied for and won positions.  Mavido deserves a big "thank you" for not only her time and effort in revealing chocolate and coconut to us all but also for promoting The Chocolate Cult in various ways.  I have gotten to know her fairly well over these months and I am honored she chose to join us with her service.

I'm thankful for the companies who have sent products to The Chocolate Cult.  We only began at the end of February.  Most companies I reach out to ignore me but I'm going to list those who have trusted us enough to reveal their products to all of you reading today. Other companies have contacted me saying they are sending products, but this list is of those who have in chronological order. If you contact them, please let them know you saw them on The Chocolate Cult.

 Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate
Tru Chocolate
Cow Girl Chocolate
Cerreta Fine Chocolates
Theo Chocolates
Montana Tom's Chocolate Factory
Burst's Chocolates
Krause's Chocolates
Monica's Chocolates
Wiseman House Fine Chocolates
Emily's Chocolates
Seattle Chocolate Company
Intrigue Chocolate Company
Intentional Chocolate
Anna Shea
The Protein Bakery
Alternative Baking Co.
Donnelly Chocolates
Enstrom's Chocolate
Astor Chocolates
CBC Chocolates
Dean's Over the Moon
The Candy Dish
Bubble Chocolate
Nashville Toffee Company
Equal Exchange
The Cookie Sandwich Company
Aequare Fine Chocolates

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and holiday season wherever you are.  Please continue to read and to comment here in The Chocolate Cult.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


VeggieGirl said...


mavido79 said...

So many things to be thankful for. I'm very thankful for The Chocolate Cult and the things I've learned here, both about the sacred substance itself and my relationship with it. I'm thankful for the Chocolate Priestess and the other acolytes. It has been an honor and a privilege to be one of you. Lots of other personal things to be thankful for. And I'm especially thankful that the chocolate mousse I made to take to dinner today turned out well and got rave reviews (thanks to Alton Brown for the recipe and to Ghirradelli for the fine chocolate).

Cacao-Me said...

And thank you Chocolate Priestess for sharing all your wonderful insights with us. In the midst of my studies, learning about chocolate from you and blogging it about myself have been nice breaks. It's good to know that there are others who see chocolate as more than just something to eat, but something to savor, enjoy and appreciate as divine.

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