Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kashi Chocolate Disappoints

You know that your Chocolate Priestess loves cereal and snack bars, Sister and Brothers.  As a busy woman, having something healthy that I can enjoy but also eat quickly or take with me is important.  As the founder of The Chocolate Cult I also demand excellent chocolate quality in any bar that puts the Sacred Substance in it's name or hightlights it on the label.  Not every product I try can meet my high standards.

The Kashi Golean "Chocolate Peanut Bar" is certainly healthy.  Made of all natural ingredients, one 4 X 2.25 X 0.75 inch bar has 180 calories, 2g saturated fat, 250mg sodium, 6 dietary fiber, 13g sugars, 9g protein and nine vitamins and minerals at 10-35% of an adult’s daily needs.  It also has several allergy concerns including wheat, soybean, milk, rice, oats, and may have tree nuts.  For health reasons this bar ranks highly compared to many other bars I've revealed to you.

Healthy isn't going to get most of us to eat beyond one try of other other criteria are not met.  This is a portable bar though so dry it crumbles easily so you will generate crumbs.  It has a very interesting texture with all of the different ingredients, most of which you can feel if as you chew.  Where it falls short is in taste.  Chocolate only appears more than half way down the list of ingredients and it is only a thin layer on one side of the bar.  Eating it chocolate down or up didn't really change the taste because there is so little of it.  The primarily taste is a slight sweetness and various grains.  If the other three bars which also list chocolate in their title offer so little cocoa, I can't recommend them on The Chocolate Cult.  If chocolate isn't important to you then you may well enjoy this very healthy bar. 

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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