Sunday, November 1, 2009

Recap: Halloween 2009

Sisters and Brothers, remember those 10 tips I gave you before Halloween?   We followed them here in the Chocolate Priestess's house and we had a very good day and evening where no ate too much or too poorly and every trick or treater went away with a smile.

As you can see from this photo, I had a busy day, I was all ready flushed before the official trick or treating three hour stretch began.  Because I knew it was going to be a busy day, I just dress up right from the start -- long black dress and this vest you can only see the top two of eight panels of, with sensible shoes coupled with some hook earrings of a Halloween nature.    We has a doctor's appointment, then lunch across town, shopping, and finally home where leaves had to be raked from our steps and tiny porch so that those coming to show off their costumes wouldn't trip or fall.  Then I attempted to make "mummies" and failed when the dough refused to roll out thin enough and ended up just making pigs in blankets.  I didn't decorate as much as past years, only the front part of the house that people could see.

The White Chocolate Acolyte dressed as a mad scientist and had this odd habit of asking everyone who came what their hat size was as he either handed out candy or kept the count; we traded back and forth on those tasks.  The Milk Chocolate Acolyte was dressed in a full teddy bear suit so his hands weren't very functional much of the time which meant he had to take the chocolate cookies and candies I came him, but more on that later.  About ten minutes after the official city start time of 5:30pm the first group of trick or treaters arrived -- seven of them.  Most of the night we had groups of 4+ though we also had a few solo and duo acts show up.  In total we counted 128 kids we handed out candy to.  Yup, you read that correct, 128.  That fell short of our 2007 total of 137 but was more than 2008 or 2006.   How many trick or treaters did you have, Sisters and Brothers?

Repeatedly we heard from the kids "this is the best candy" as they took one of the nine different varieties we offered.  No one left disappointed though a few tried to take more than one piece.  Every type we got, someone in the house likes so none of the leftovers will be wasted.  I put those away and I plan to dole out candy in small quantities and use a good deal of it in other recipes for the rest of the fall and winter holidays.  For us I had organic, fair trade, or higher end candies and cookies.  While both the White and Milk Chocolate Acolytes had some of the mass produced, cheaper candies, I was never tempted because I had the better stuff to chose from.  I watched myself and ate only a fraction of what I would have in past years -- a sign to me, as is my decreasing waistline, that this Path is working for me.

So tell me about your Halloween, Sisters and Brothers?  What did you do?  What did you eat?  Did you follow any of my tips?

Today the cost of joining us for the Chocolate Walk has risen to $20.  I hope you all got tickets early but if not, remember it is for a good cause.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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