Friday, November 13, 2009

Search for the Chocolate Coffee Acolyte

I am opening a new position within the Cult with the official title of “Chocolate Coffee Acolyte.” Please read the requirements and how to apply below. If you think you are qualified and you want to join us, follow the directions.

Requirements for the Chocolate Coffee Acolyte:

1. Must have a fondness for chocolate and coffee together.

2. Must live in or near enough to Bloomington, Indiana that you can assist The Chocolate Priestess a few times a year for special coconut sacrament reviews.

3. Must have reliable transportation so you can get to these review meetings.

4. Must be at ease with eating chocolate and writing about it using all five senses.  Don't worry, the Chocolate Priestess will guide you through this and you have seen the Witnessing of our Chocolate Coconut Acolyte.

The winner will have their views of chocolate and coffee published on The Chocolate Cult, receive free samples of all products they are asked to test for this purpose, and enjoy one-on-one testing led by The Chocolate Priestess to ensure the integrity of the reviews. No other monetary or product compensation is offered, and all reviews will become the property of The Chocolate Cult/The Chocolate Priestess.

A formal agreement between the newly chosen Chocolate Coffee Acolyte and The Chocolate Cult/The Chocolate Priestess will be presented to the winner for her or his acceptance or rejection. If the first place winner rejects the agreement, the position will be offered to the next place winner until the position is filled.

How to Apply:

1. Join The Chocolate Cult at — you must be a visible follower, not anonymous.

2. Post a comment to this announcement where you describe in 200 words or less why you think chocolate and coffee make a great combination and why you want to aid The Chocolate Cult by becoming an Acolyte.

3. Makes sure the name you use to write this comment has an email attached to it that I can find easily by clicking on it.  If I cannot contact you by Noon on November 20th, you won't be in the running.

4. The top 2-3 Postulants will be contacted for a taste test on Saturday, November 21, 2009, at the home of the Chocolate Priestess who will provide the chocolate coffee products to be used.

5.  Voting then will happen the following week with the new Acolyte chosen by November 26, 2009 so she or he can begin their Witnessing on December 1, 2009.

Because of the holiday season, the pace of this process is much quicker it was for our Chocolate Coconut Acolyte.  If you cannot meet these deadlines, please do not apply. If you have any desire to apply do so ASAP.  The application period will last for 7 days from the posting of this information or from November 13, 2009 through November 19, 2009.

Good luck!  We have a busy holiday season here at The Chocolate Cult and both all Acolytes may be busy though not nearly as busy as your Chocolate Priestess.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


davebear-in said...

As a clarification, is the Chocolate Coffee Acolyte intended to focus on coffee-flavored chocolates, chocolate-imbued coffees, or chocolate and coffee eaten/imbibed as separate entities but sampled together, like pairing a wine and cheese?

Or do all three scenarii described above fall within the rubric of the Chocolate Coffee Acolyte?

TheChocolatePriestess said...

The Chocolate and Coffee has to be mixed together in some fashion so the first two categories you mention, davebear-in, do count but not the final. Unless some company sent us both coffee and chocolates with the message "Try these together". Why a company would just send us just coffee alone, I don't know but I would pass that alone to this Acolyte.

I simply do not enjoy coffee and find myself often at a loss on how to describe it's subtle differences. This isn't like the coconut thing where I hate it but I think it's more fair to The Chocolate Cult if we have someone who can more fully appreciate coffee testify on it's behalf.

davebear-in said...

Chocolate and coffee already have much in common. Both are exotic things which through familiarity have become commonplace. Both come in a broad range of presentations, from simple to sophisticated, prosaic to profound. Moreover, both substances have highly nuanced flavors that - depending on their preparation - can be bright, dark, bitter, sweet, anywhere in between - or perhaps some delectable combination of several such things. Either treat on its own can be a delight, but combining them creates a complex counterpoint which done properly can be even more compelling than the sum of the considerable individual charms. These are flavors which seem fully capable of romancing one another, a worthy match.

To the Chocolate Coffee Acolyte falls the difficult yet honorable task of making sure these wonders are each appreciated with the proper perspective. Too often, people regard chocolate as a simple tasty indulgence, with little respect shown to its powerful chemical contributions to mood and well-being. Too often, coffee is respected for its caffeine punch alone, its flavor a secondary consideration. Balance of flavor, balance of perspective - these are key to understanding the marvelous duet that coffee and chocolate provide.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Our first official Postulant! And his words are very good, everyone, so hone your own words well when you apply.

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