Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chocolate Card Game

You know someone who loves Chocolate.  You might love Chocolate.  Either way you look to The Chocolate Cult for advice about specific products, news related to cocoa, consumer alerts, five sensory descriptions of wonderful chocolate and honest evaluations that help you decide where not to spend  your money.  In this holiday season, you can offer those in your life who love Chocolate something fun and educational without calories.

Your Chocolate Priestess received this "Chocolate Smarts" set for her birthday but has waited until now when she knows some of you are struggling to find holiday gifts to reveal it to you.   Finding it may be a bit tricky so don't freak if you can't get it before the New Year, there are plenty of holidays, anniversaries and birthdays in your future.  Online I found a few stores that carry it and this is the LINK to that search to help you out.  I think my friends just found it in a store in our college town so look around, too.

Inside there are 60 "question & answer cards" along with a little guide booklet with information about chocolate.  The guide booklet is great to read before you tackle the cards but it will not give you must of the answers.  The guide offers basic information about chocolate and cocoa, along with an opinion about white chocolate which may offend some of you.  It also has some graphics about chocolate creation and cacao production that you might like.  Frankly I think the information on where to find chocolate is far too tiny to be of use; you'll get more resources just looking through this blog in the almost ten months we've been around.

The cards themselves are in four categories: Indulging, Cocoa Culture, Fundamentals, and Wild Card.  There are not rules for what to do with the cards but I made up a game that my family played with me.  Basically we went through all the cards, I asking the questions, and they answering.  If they got it right, they kept the card and at the end the person with the most cards got a hug from me.  I know, I know, you were hoping it was a big chocolate bar or something -- Moderation and Purposefulness, remember?  According to the cards there were many things we didn't know, somethings we did, and frankly a lot of things we didn't realize we had any knowledge of until we thought about it.

You could make up your own game, include chocolate as prizes if you wish. Or you could challenge yourself with them.  Either way it was fun and educational and depending on how you use them, totally calorie free but satisfying.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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