Monday, December 28, 2009

Chocolate Cult Acolyte Birthday

Today, Sisters and Brothers, I want to see a lot of comments left for our very own Chocolate Coconut Acolyte whose birthday it is.  By the time she sees this tomorrow afternoon, I hope you will have left her at least a dozen well-wishes for all that she does for us.

What does she do?

She sacrifices herself to eat any chocolate and coconut offerings we are sent, she takes pictures of them then write a full five-sensory review of them which I then include in our Sacraments.  She attends Pilgrimages and events with me and on her own when she can.  She reports to me on special chocolates she finds and promotes us wherever she goes.  She routinely comments here as well.

So please join with me to say "Happy Birthday, Mavido79!"


Rene said...

Happy Birthday to you, CCA! And thanks for throwing yourself in front of that coconut for us! ~.^

mavido79 said...

Thank you, Priestess and Rene. I consider this position to be a real blessing and am happy to share the joys of the combination of chocolate and coconut.

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