Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Decent Hot Cocoa, Great Price

The last time your Chocolate Priestess mentioned Nestlé it was to condemn one of it's products, another cocoa mix.  Today I get to say positive things about a different flavor from that same product line.  A lesson that not all varieties of a product are equal and that you should give each a chance to stand or fall on it's own.

Last night my household tried the "Chocolate Caramel" flavor from Nestlé's latest hot cocoa mix line.  I got it for a dollar an 8 envelop box at Kroger a while ago when I bought the very sad "Chocolate Mint" and the yet untried "Dark Chocolate" varieties also for a dollar a piece.  Each box has it's own look and this one not only pictures pieces of caramel and chocolate but a big waves of caramel under the mug to give you a sense of what you are about to taste.

Caramel is indeed what you get here.  Just opening the envelops released a burst of caramel fragrance; the first hint this had to be better than the previous flavor I've revealed to you all, Sisters and Brothers.  The key to getting the full potential is to use only 6oz of hot water as recommended so I carefully measured -- which didn't fill this mug up at all.  The mix had to be stirred a few times as it cooled but overall stayed relatively mixed.  The taste was very much caramel and it overwhelmed the cocoa flavor which isn't great as far as The Chocolate Cult is concerned.  That it had any positive flavor at all though moves it into the "decent" category IF you prefer strong caramel flavors.  If you want to use a bigger mug, make sure you use more than one envelop or the it becomes flavored water.  Using milk might make it more creamy tasting so I'll try that next time and let you know if that improved the taste.

Overall this has a lot of additives and artificial flavors, chocolate is not one of the first ingredients.  Given that I found it for $1 it was a good deal if you can find it on sale yourself.  This flavor gives me hope that the next variety I try might try may make the "good" category.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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