Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Godiva Gift for Christmas

Your Chocolate Priestess did receive one chocolate food gift this Christmas from a friend she's known since high school, which was two plus decades ago now.  My friend Lori came to our annual Holiday Party and she gave us this beautiful little box from Godiva.  I appreciated it even though it also felt a bit awkward since out of financial concerns our gift to our guests was all of the homemade entrees, side dishes and treats we made plus hours of games with silly prizes.  I wanted to share what was inside this gold box with you are because Godiva, like many other stores, may still have them in stock at a discount today and this coming weekend.

The box itself didn't have a name or title so I can't give you that information.  Inside was four pieces, each a different shape, and sadly not labeled which meant I couldn't safely share it with the other  member of my household here over the holidays since he has a tree nut allergy and hazelnuts were on the ingredients list.  I gave him other treats while I tried these.  The Star was white chocolate with a deep, rich raspberry liquid center.  The Square was a chocolate caramel covered by dark chocolate.  The Heart was milk chocolate over a soft hazelnut filling.  The Oblong was dark chocolate over a semi-solid chocolate filling.

These all tasted like I'd expect from Godiva and I had a nice time enjoying them the day after Christmas.  Thank you, Lori!

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


pegasuslegend said...

oh my lord these are my favorite! love the hazelnut one and filling, I eat them all in one day! Yes a pig I am....but so decadent these are and once a year my Cholestral goes up to 1000 who cares lol....Merry Christmas thanks for making my mouth water, and tell your friend she has excellant taste!!

mavido79 said...

They look very yummy.

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