Friday, January 29, 2010

Rush to Valentine's Day

So we've revealed Van's Chocolates to you as possible Valentine's gifts and then we received products from Ococoa, FTD, Mrs Fields, Astor, and have a few things still on the way I'm told.

I wish more companies had done as Van's and Ococoa did sending me offerings earlier so I could place things out and schedule them fairly.  But now that they realize that one of their big selling days is approaching fast, they want me to squeeze them in.

Your Chocolate Priestess will try but she will NOT leave the Path to do so, I not misuse our Sacrament Substance nor my body to get reviews done for them or for you.  So expect some "Special Sacraments" to supplement the "Saturday Sacraments" for the next two weeks.

You want to check in because some chocolatiers are also offering special discounts for the Sisters and Brothers in The Chocolate Cult.

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