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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cookies for Valentine's Day

Your Chocolate Priestess received a nice cashback bonus from one of her credit cards in the form of a double gift certificate to Mrs. Fields.  They primarily sell cookies, if you are unfamiliar with them, Sisters & Brothers.  Mrs. Fields is not just available online; you can find them in malls around the USA, so I thought it was fine to reveal one of their Valentine's Day offerings fairly close to this holiday so you can run out and buy it if you like.  Using this gift certificate I ordered the "Open Your Heart to Me" present and ended up paying some of the shipping costs.  Therefore, I'm counting this as a Sacrament, though I won't repeat the website links as I normally do when a company or chocolatier entrusts me with their treats.  If you don't mind the "Mrs. Fields" label on the side, you can reuse this box for future Valentine's Days.

Inside, a small magnet holds the right flap closed; I found the cookies and brownie bites all wrapped in plastic and nestled in red crinkled paper.  Not as pretty as it looks on the website, but then if you are shipping it to someone you don't want the cookies slipping around and getting broken.  One downside to this gift is that you can't choose which cookies you send, so only some of these are chocolate.  The non-chocolate cookies in this box include: 2 heart-shaped sugar cookies with a ton of red sprinkles on them; a butterscotch blondie; 6 Debra's Special, which are oatmeal, raisins, and walnuts cookies; and 6 Cinnamon Sugar cookies.  In terms of chocolate there were three types of treats here I'll reveal to you as I always do, Sisters & Brothers, in full sensory glory. 

The "Double Fudge" brownie bites are 1 by 1 by 3/4 inches in dimensions.  They come in blocks of six bites, and two blocks were in this box.  The bites break off and become two-bite treats with a very chocolaty scent.  The chocolate chips are readily available on the top, while the bottom looks a little gooey, as wonderful brownies should be.  It tastes just like you'd want such a brownie to taste; I'm satisfied with them and the mild buzz one bite provides, though they are a bit sugary.

The "White Chunk and Macadamia Nuts" cookies came in a six pack as well and have a 1.75 inch diameter.  Primarily these smell very much like brown sugar and butter.  The cookie is nice and soft; your Chocolate Priestess prefers softer cookies.  Inside are crisp nuts and very creamy white chocolate chips.  This is a good combination of flavors, but the buzz is strictly sugar based, not unusual for white chocolate.

Another six count of cookies in this box is the "Semi-Sweet Chocolate without Nuts."  Again the scent of these is mostly brown sugar and butter, but there is that sharp, bitter cocoa fragrance as well.  This tastes less thoroughly cooked and more doughy than the previous cookies, but the nice dark chips are great.  While no ingredients list was included, I think I sense a hint of vanilla here as well. 

If you do decide to go to a Mrs. Fields outlet for your Valentine's Day gifts, please do mention The Chocolate Cult to them and let them know you read this review.  We'll have one more Sacrament before Valentine's Day on the 13th, so if you still haven't made up your mind to get some of the Sacred Substance to celebrate, you'll have one more review to help you.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


Unknown said...

Very nice review! (I'll take a bite of the brownie, please!!)

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, ValleyWriter. I know that Mrs. Fields makes other chocolate treats as well but at least this box came with some.

The Milk Chocolate Acoylte was funny on this past Saturday when I told him he could have more cookies. Took him about a minute to figure out the magnet cover.

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