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Sunday, February 21, 2010

One Year in The Chocolate Cult

Sisters and Brothers, today marks the one year birthday of The Chocolate Cult.

This is our 325th post so I feel like I've give you all quite  bit to think about through the past 365 days.  We've looked at several types of products related to chocolate, mostly candy and fine chocolates but also drinks, books, tv shows, and news items.  Each time I try to present you with objective information infused with rational and logical questions to get you thinking.

In one year 48 companies have given us samples of their products to review and that has translated into 52 "Saturday Sacraments" and 11 "Special Sacramental Reviews".  I consider these the highlight of this blog and I hope you always come back to read them so that those chocolatiers and retailers who entrust us can see how much you want to learn about good and not so good products to spend your money and time on.

I always try to be fair in my reviews and my opinions but I know sometimes I must fail because I'm only human.  I would dearly love to see a lot more comments from you all in this coming year.  Please do send me a message about any companies you think that might be interested in sending us offerings and spread the word about us.  Remember at the bottom of the pages you can find a link to buying a bumper sticker with our information on it for a very small price.

If The Chocolate Cult has been useful or even simply a pleasure to read, please leave a comment and let me know.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


Cacao-Me said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, to us, to the wonderful chocolate community you've created. I appreciate all that you are doing to spread the good news of our divine delight. I look forward to what the coming year will bring.

mavido79 said...

Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday fellow cult members. Happy birthday to us! And in celebration, I think I'll make a pan of brownies.

elizabeth said...

Happy birthday!

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thank you all. Spread the word today in honor of our birthday please.

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