Monday, February 1, 2010

Sundaes on Saturday Report

This past Saturday, January 30, 2010, your Chocolate Priestess and the Milk Chocolate Acolyte took a mini pilgrimage to one of the many events happening during our city's "Week of Chocolate" which I mentioned earlier on The Chocolate Cult.  This was the "Sundaes on Saturday" event held at the Monroe County History Center in Bloomington, Indiana, where I've done a very, very minor amount of volunteer work in the past.  You can see the side entrance where the chocolate event was held and near the gift shop below the gallery space.  It benefited the historical center as far as I could tell.  You'll recall this confusion of which charities benefit was one of the problems I have with the organization of this event this year.

When we entered we each paid $2 to get into the chocolate event and into the galleries.  We planned to go looking around after meeting some friends inside and having some sundaes but we got to chatting so much that we ran out of time.  As some of you may know, Saturdays are the day I, personally, worship with chocolate. This can turn into the day I have to do several Sacraments for all of you, taking notes or pre-writing posts.  With so many chocolatiers sending me Valentine's treats in the last few weeks this was a busy Saturday.  Thank Chocolate that I only need a very small amount to write a review.

In the community space where the event was held we signed up to win a jar of kisses and membership to the historical society.  Then we moved on to the sundae table where several volunteers helped us out.  There were two choices of ice cream -- vanilla and chocolate -- along with several toppings and water to help wash it down.  I made a chocolate sundae with chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, whipped cream and a cherry I shared with one of  my friends.  You can see this below:

Along with the ice cream there was a little band that played fun folksy music.  The volunteers did a great job of keeping the place cleared up.  There were bursts of new folks through the doors but we arrived early and beat most of the crowd.  We got to hang out with two other couples and chat for over an hour without feeling pressured to leave.  On the way out we looked at a few posters on the wall about sundaes and making ice cream. For the price and the quality of the sundaes this was an event that can't be beat, Sisters & Brothers. I would definitely go in future years.

The next event we'll try is next Saturday's "Flapjack's Cocoa Cafe" and that benefits a charity for helping the elderly in our community.  I'll report on that after we go.  Perhaps for 2011 I can finally get to volunteer to help out on this week long community event.  I'll try volunteering this time right after the week when hopefully the committees are thinking ahead.

So take a look around your own communities, Sisters & Brothers.  Are there charities that use chocolate to help fuel their own fundraising?  If so, consider spending some of your cocoa money on that instead of in your local grocery stores.  Your local chocolatiers probably participate in these events so you aren't ignoring them just all banding together to support your community.  That fits well with The Chocolate Cult.

Sisters and Brothers, may you too take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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