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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chocolate Bunny with Social Consciousness

Our Taraluna friends who have sent The Chocolate Cult several items over our first year end their offerings in time for Easter with this solid milk chocolate bunny.  This is a Sjaak's chocolate but since Taraluna sent it to us, I strongly recommend you think of ordering it from them.  As you can see this comes simply wrapped in plastic and closed with a bow on a twisty tie which made it very easy to unwrap.  The one I received is 6.8oz so this is fairly large though it may not look like it should weigh so much.  More about why it does later but here is a warning: This review contains a bit of "bunny damage" in my duties to reveal it's full nature to you. These products might now be available at Sjaak's since Taraluna no longer sells chcoolate.

The figure is probably molded chocolate and I can a seam all around it where the mold would have closed over the chocolate while it was cooling.    One bunny has 4 servings with 270 each composed of 10g saturated fat, 8mg cholesterol, 33mg sodium, 1g fiber, 27g sugars, 3g protein, and 9% and 6% of the calcium and iron an adult needs daily.  When I opened the wrapper the milk chocolate scent was strong.  Taking it out I could feel it's unexpected heft and the cool, smooth surface of the chocolate.  I nibbled on an ear and received a mouthful of rapidly melting, creamy yet cocoay delight in my mouth.  Sometimes organic or vegan products do not do favorably compare to other chocolates and I've found that from some of the items offer at Taraluna.  This bunny though stood out above all other Easter Bunnies in my memories because it is real chocolate with none of that waxy feel taste.

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the store bought Easter bunnies but they come in two general types: hollow or solid.  This one is solid which is why it is so heavy.  How do I know and still follow my practice of Moderation, eating only enough to expose the true nature of any chocolate to you all?  We cut it's head off then tried to break it open.  It was difficult to cut into and it didn't do much more than dent no matter how I tried to break it open by dropping it, wrapped still, on hard surfaces.  The trick to eating solid chocolates of this size, about 4 inches tall and about 3 inches wide, it to take small bites at the surface or find a way to break.  This is just what you want from a milk chocolate so don't feel like you need to rush, spread it out over four or more days or share with friends.

This milk chocolate version of the Easter Bunny is one of a few other Easter items available at Taraluna right now.  If it fits your needs -- organic and fair-trade -- then know that you still have time this week to order it or one of the other Sjaak's chocolates in bunny or egg shape.  They also have vegan varieties listed on the website as well though the one I reviewed is not vegan so I can't speak about the flavor which can be quite different for vegan chocolate.

Sisters and Brothers, may you, too, take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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