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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chocolate Goldfish

Before your Chocolate Priestess found our Path and began this Journey with Chocolate, she was enslaved to cheap candy bars.  This meant many things but one of the saddest was that she didn't see the variety of products that used our Sacred Substance.  I found these Goldfish Grahams Chocolate flavor crackers a few weeks ago on sale so I bought them.  According to our Chocolate Coconut Acolyte, this flavors of Goldfish has been out a few times before then it will disappear with a different flavor.  I hope she can find some and give them a try and then her opinion here but my review of these tiny snacks follows.

This 6.60z bag normally costs $2.19 according to the printed price on the bag but I got it for $1 on sale.  Each bag has 6 servings of crackers with 130 calories, 1g sat fat, 125mg sodium, 2g fiber, 11g sugars, 2g protein, 2% calcium,and 10% iron.  Nutritionally this isn't bad but it is almost identical to most chocolate graham crackers you can buy.  Approximately 50 fishies make up a serving if you want to count or simply share out with six others if you are watching your portions.  I've noticed, Sisters and Brothers, that if I offer someone a normal square cracker and one of another shape, the other shape often wins so the draw here is the cute little fish shape which measures 0.875 inches long and just over 0.5 inches wide with a smiling face.  Yes, there is chocolate here in the form of processed cocoa and semi-sweet chocolate but they are fairly on the ingredient list.

They taste much like I expect a chocolate graham cracker to taste -- light, dry, crisp, with a touch of sweet.   However we are most concerned with the chocolate taste here.  That is very cocoay but it also has a burnt edge to the flavor, an intense bitterness that turns the sweet a bit sour.  Again I've tasted this same flavor in the square graham crackers.  So the reason to buy these is a matter of money -- if it is on sale it may be the same value as the traditional graham cracker -- or a matter of shape -- perhaps you want to use the fish shape for some decoration or your kids like them best.  The flavor though is sadly not the primary reason to buy these.

Sisters and Brothers, may you, too, take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


mavido79 said...

Oh so many memories of different flavors of Goldfish. Chocolate, Cinnamon and Plain Grahams. I loved the trips to the Pepperidge Farms outlet store when we could get these. Makes me nostalgic just thinking about it. I'll check the store where I last saw these being sold to see if they're back and let you know what I think.

mavido79 said...

I tried the chocolate Goldfish again today and have to concur with everything our Priestess has said about them. They aren't nearly as good as they used to be.

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