The Chocolate Cult: World Kidney Day

Thursday, March 11, 2010

World Kidney Day

Today is "World Kidney Day" and while this has nothing to do with chocolate directly, your Chocolate Priestess wants you all to take good care of yourself so you can continue to enjoy the Sacred Substance for the rest of your life.

I get a blood test regularly for my kidney health because of strong family history of problems.  Because I exercise regularly, eat fairly healthy, and practice what I preach here -- Moderation and Purposefulness -- I currently have healthy kidneys. 

I urge  you all to check out this website and learn all you can about your kidneys and how to help your body keep yours running well. 

My best piece of personal advice on kidney health is to drink water.  Always chose water as your beverage whenever you have a choice especially between meals.  As you know I drink only water when I am working on a review so that the chocolate is not compromised by other flavors.  However I also chose water because it does a great jump of helping my body flush out toxins and in keeping me hydrated.  Try adding just 1-2 more 8oz servings of water to your routine daily and you'll see a difference.  Yes, you may need to use the restroom more but if it helps keep you healthier and also curb your urges to snack in an unhealthy fashion, just go. 

Keep yourself healthy and you'll be enjoying Chocolate for decades to come.

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