The Chocolate Cult: White Chocolate & Peanut Butter Spread

Friday, April 23, 2010

White Chocolate & Peanut Butter Spread

Don't forget to enter this month's contest HERE.  Winner will be announced Sunday morning so you need to hurry.   A few months back, I reviewed a dark chocolate and peanut butter spread from Peanut Butter & Co.  Today I want to review the other chocolate and peanut butter spread I found in my local Kroger on sale one week: "White Chocolate, Wonderful" as it is called on the label.  Does it live up to such a title?

The first thing to note is that is doesn't spread as smoothly as the dark chocolate variety.  It seems much drier but I put it on just toasted bread so that melted it and smoothed it out.  The second thing to note is that the spread has a very sweet, creamy smell, not very peanut buttery which is quite different as well from the dark variety.  Inside this jar is only natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial anything though there is added palm fruit oil and evaporated cane juice not just cocoa butter and peanuts.

2 Tbsp is one serving of 180 calories containing 3g saturated fat, 35 mg sodium, 1g fiber, 7g sugars, 6g protein, with 2% of both calcium and iron an adult needs daily.  This is actually pretty darned good nutritionally, much better than I was expecting from a white chocolate product.  But how does it taste?  It tastes far more peanut butter than it smells but there is still that sweetness from the white chocolate.  I think it could be a good balance for more sour fruit slices and a nice twist to peanut butter recipes.  I have to say though that your Chocolate Priestess still prefers the dark chocolate version but this is very good too.

Sisters and Brothers, may you, too, take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


Jessie -- The Messie Kitchen said...

Came across this from foodbuzz... I've had this PB before and I absolutely LOVED IT. I'm more of a dark chocolate person myself, but for white, this was fantastic! I'm such a chocoholic, so I'm going to start following your blog--STAT!


The Chocolate Priestess said...

Welcome, Jessie. If you live in the USA or Canada you still have time to enter our contest to win a hot chocolate maker this week.

I'll check out your blog as well.

Emily Malloy said...

OH my gosh! I can only imagine how yummy THAT PB is!!

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thanks for commenting, Emily. I hope you come back and join our contest this week before time runs out if you live in the USA or Canada.

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