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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

M&M's Premiums Comparison

M&M put out a premium chocolate piece some time back but to be honest, your Chocolate Priestess had so many other things to try, test, and reveal to you all that she never got around to looking them.  Then one day while in her neighborhood Kroger she found four varieties of these on sale, prices deeply cut.  Oh, no!  Another product about to be canceled or at least no longer sold in this particular store?  Now was the time to try them and compare them to the original but also to each other.

Unlike regular M&M's these come in boxes that are sort of female shaped meaning they curve in toward the middle like the ideal woman's body should leaving her hips, bust and shoulders wider.  They each hold 6oz of M&M pieces that are larger than the non-nut variety of M&M's and remind me a bit of the bigger peanut butter flavor in terms of being very round and obviously larger.  The boxes are color coded to match their flavor.

"Mint Chocolate"  is obviously green which sort of matches the pieces we'll look at soon.

"Dark Chocolate" has a sort of brick color to it which doesn't really match the pieces themselves.

And finally the "Triple Chocolate" that has a purplish box.

The pieces themselves are more jeweled toned and even sparkle a bit in the light -- sparkling light and dark green, shiny copper, and shiny deep purple. Each box has 4 servings in it and there is some nutritional variation ranging from the 230 calories of the Dark and Triple to the 240 calories of the Mint variety.  Sugar content goes from 20g in the Dark to 23g in the Mint with both Dark and Triple having 8g saturated fat and again Mint being the heavy hitter at 9g.  Not surprising if you understand the nutritional differences between types of chocolate, the Dark has 3g fiber while the other two have only 1g.  What looks to be a candy shell actually makes no sound for any of these and really is just a ganache of colored chocolate over the rest of the candy so quie different from the mainstream m&m.

The "Mint Chocolate" has a strong mint scent as soon as I opened the plastic bag inside each box.  As I hope this photo can show, there are two slightly different shade or this sparkly green, a lighter then a darker version that appears almost marbled.  The dark minty chocolate on the outside hides a creamy white chocolate center that surprised me greatly but my camera is really unable to show you the full differences, Sisters and Brothers, so bite one in half and look at it yourself.

The "Dark Chocolate" variety is more copper colored on the external chocolate and since this isn't a candy shell it doesn't dilute the bitterness of the chocolate itself. How many of you have had the M&M dark pieces that aren't "Premiums"?  Take that flavor and double it for these pieces, not because of their size, for while bigger than are not that much larger, but I think because of the missing sweet sugary shell.  The result is a low level buzz by the end of a few pieces if you take them slow and just relax while you enjoy them.  As  you can see from the backgrounds I tried these are different days and attempted to piece a color that could show off their jewel tones better.

Finally the "Triple Chocolate" has a more purplish shine to its outer layer of chocolate.  When I say layer I mean three layers so the name does not lie.  Again I wish I could truly should you what this looks like so bite one in half and look at one yourself. First there is the shiny dark chocolate layer that gives this a deep chocolate scent and a hint of bitterness.  Under that is a thin white chocolate layer that is slightly sweet but the bulk of the pieces are a milk chocolate that has that traditional M&M taste.  You control the flavor really depending on how you eat these. Mixture by chewing or let them melt in your mouth for three different flavors.

Even heavily discounted these are more expensive than the regular varieties of M&M's.  They are worth the price though if you control how many you eat at a time but then isn't that what we all should be practicing here in The Chocolate Cult?

Sisters and Brothers, may you, too, take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


Anonymous said...

I always get a little wary when I see a "premium" version of a sixty-cent checkout lane candy, especially with a greatly inflated price-per-ounce. I tend to wonder if the increase in quality is worth the added cost (when at full retail--sales are always a good time to try new things!)

The Chocolate Priestess said...

I don't think you can find these at the check out lane. These are definitely in the candy section of the stores if you can find them. It is best to compare this to four packs of M&M regulars and then to ask yourself what you want.

If sugar and sweetness of the regular is what you want, then you get that.

If more chocolate flavor is what you want, I have to side with these but only if you can find them on sale or have a coupon or it's a special treat worth twice the price for four packs of M&Ms.

Momgateway said... this very thorough post ...from another chocaholic

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Momgateway. I hope you will come back and check out our Saturday Sacraments and Special Sacramental Reviews -- you think this was thorough wait until you read those!

OrchidLady said...

I tried them...I love them...but unfortunately, they now seem to have disappeared from the stores! Any info on where one might find this yummy little nuggets?

The Chocolate Priestess said...

According to their website,, they still make these but I haven't seen them again in our local Kroger where I bought them, Joan.

Thanks for commenting by the way!

On that same site at this address,, you can choose a particular product and find out where to buy it as well.

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