Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chocolate Syrup Winner Announced

Our winner of the Santa Cruz Organic Chocolate Syrup is: Cacao-Me!

I will contact  him and let him know so I can get his address to ship this out to him later this week.

Thank you everyone who entered.

Keep spreading the word about The Chocolate Cult.


mavido79 said...

Congrats to Cacao-Me! Please let us know what you think about it.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Yes, please do let us know what you think and remember to shake it very well before using it the first time.

Cacao-Me said...

i will let you all know when it arrives and how i use it. living in california, near santa cruz, i find it ironic that this chocolate syrup will be returning to the area after a little detour through the midwest!

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Hehehe. Hopefully if you like it you'll be able to find it easily out there.

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