Monday, June 21, 2010

E-Course to Learn Budget Cooking & Shopping

A few years ago, your Chocolate Priestess started to take more control over food in her life.  It is so easy to buy unhealthy food because it is cheap or fast but in the long run that can have much more expensive consequences for your body and mind.  As you know from reading my posts, I am concerned not just with your taste buds but also your wallet and your conscious when you purchase or use chocolate.

While not exclusive to chocolate, this e-course, A Peasant's Feast, will help you learn how to make the balance I try to maintain in my own household with fewer mistakes and far less time than it took me to learn.  The course is all online so if you are buy you can take it from home but you will still get questions answered by the teacher, Kimi Harris who has this to say about the course:

     In a nutshell, this class will have two purposes. First, to share the basis principles of a nourishing, healthy diet, secondly to share how I do that on a budget. I've found that many people desire to eat well, but feel they can only eat well on a rich man's budget. This ecourse is all about showing how the we can eat good food on a reasonable budget.

      This is a thirteen week class (a baker's dozen) discussing extensively what to shop for, how to save, and how to cook. We will be discussing what to buy and how to save on poultry, beef, and seafood. I will be teaching how to sprout, soak grains, and how to make sourdough bread and homemade yogurt. I will teach the students how to stretch one pound of beef into a meal for many, how to stretch one single chicken into several meals, and how to stretch high quality seafood. They will learn how to make their own salad dressings, how to lacto-ferment vegetables, the benefits of making your own chicken broth, and how to menu plan.

     By the end, students should have a firm foundation of what to shop for, where to find good local food, and how to prepare it. To read more extensively about what each week will bring go here. Another important part of the ecourse is the forum where people have the ability to both discuss with each other that week's topic, and also interact with me and ask questions. This gives me the opportunity to help trouble shoot any issues they are having."

     The course costs less than ten dollars a week for enrollment and she is making payment plans available as well. Don't wait to sign up if you are interested as registration for the class ends June 27th!

For more information please check the online description of the course's week by week topics and goals.  Remember every dollar you can save on other food can go toward Chocolate!

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