Saturday, June 19, 2010

Great Promise from New Chocolatier

Months ago, your Chocolate Priestess made a fine in a small South Dakota city called Watertown. The find was a place called Sweet Memories and I found it while looking for another store a friend of ours found online.  Sweet Memories does not currently have a website, only a Facebook account though I hope that changes soon.

The store inside was rather elegant looking and I could see their kitchen from the show room though the nice lady working there didn't agree to be included in our pictures.  The owner, Randy Schliesman had only had the store since the fall of 2009 so they are a very new chocolatier.  Inside a bought a few items I revealed to you all back on April 16, 2010 and now I'll feature what they gave to The Chocolate Cult in today's Saturday Sacrament.

They gave me four samples of the truffles and fudge they make.  The "Tiger Fudge" is two tones which I hope you can see in this photograph.   It has a chocolate and peanut butter fragrance and I'm betting that is what this is, two flavors of fudge layered together not mixed as you might imagine chocolate peanut butter fudge to be.  When I take a bite I find nuts it the chocolate part of the fudge itself and the lighter layer is more buttery than peanuty though I still get a peanut flavor.  The nuts add crunchyness that you don't expect in fudge making this unique.  Very rich as fudge should be and I have to strongly recommend you try some.

Of all the fruits we've tried covered with or added to chocolate, Pomegrante isn't unique but it is very rare.  This milk chocolate truffle is about an inch and a quarter across as are the other two I'll reveal and is fairly hefty in my fingers. Inside the thick shell that is noiseless to bite I find a thick, semi-soft white chocolate center with a fruity taste that builds up over time.  The balance is delicate and I have to wonder what it would taste like with a darker ganache on the outside.  This truffle really only smelled very lightly of chocolate as well so I'm thinking this may be a lower cocoa content type of milk chocolate.

The dark chocolate enrobed truffle has sparkly orange flecks on it marking it as the "Orange" flavor.  You know I'm always surprised that orange isn't used more since I think that citrus flavor goes great with the bitterness of darker cocoa. This has a strong dark chocolate scent.  The dark chocolate center is very firm and the outer shell makes a sharp snap when I take a bite to find it.  The taste of orange is very light, like with the pomegrante and builds up over time though not quite enough to fully balance the deepness of the dark cocoa bitterness.  The result is a definite slight buzz that we often look for here in The Chocolate Cult so I have to say this is a good choice for us.

The one next to the "Orange" is a white chocolate "Mint" truffle with light green drizzle on the top.  This has a minty tone to the creamy, milky scent when I take a whiff of it.  It bites easily to reveal a very surprising center of a firm dark chocolate center with a strong yet well balanced minty taste.  This has the cocoa rush but also a cooling effect on my mouth so this is another great truffle.

They may be new, but Sweet Memories is doing chocolate right in several beautiful forms from the flowers and molds I looked at in the April review to their fudge and truffles from today.   If you are in the area of Watertown, South Dakota, you need to stop in and check them out.  They have a Facebook presence as well but no website as yet.  But I have to agree with the motto on the wall in this photo: "chocolate, everyday" just remember to do it in moderation.

Sisters and Brothers, may you, too, take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


Belinda said...

This is such a tease! They all look great.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Yeah, maybe in the future they will have a website you can order from. I was greatly impressed by them.

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