Monday, June 28, 2010

International Chocolates Locally Found

Not far from your Chocolate Priestess's house, there is one of two branches of a local grocery store called Sahara Mart.  This particular branch opened within the past two years.  Normally we shop at our nearby Kroger or the Bloomingfoods because we are members of that coop.  However, after my birthday last year, I learned that I needed to check out Sahara Mart because several of the chocolate gifts I received came from there.  Today's post is going to be more photo essay than paragraphs as I give you a glimpse of what is available at this store.

This is the sign at night which is when we go shopping.  It's located along 3rd street as it approaching College Mall Road, a major traffic spot in our city but in the evenings, especially in the summers, it is very manageable in the evenings.

The building in which Sahara Mart is located used to be a furniture store so it had to undergo a lot of renovations to become what it is today.  One of the best features is surely the candy aisle which the next photos will show.

This is the western end of that aisle where we see a lot of bagged hard and non-chocolate candies from around the world.  If you look closely you can see some cocoa options there.

The next section we still have a few non-chocolate items but you'll see a lot of familiar and new chocolate products as well.

Bars, bars, bars of chocolate in this photo but if you look at the lower shelf you'll find spread, baking chips, and other products to help you make your own chocolate delights at home.

Even more bars of chocolate.  I think it would take me a year or more to try everything I've never had before and sadly that might cost a lot unless I look for sales that they have from time to time there.

Finally the end of the candy/chocolate aisle.  I have a friend who just calls this the chocolate aisle but as we saw there are non-chocolates here as well.

There is a four page flier that comes out once a week for Sahara Mart which is delivered in our local newspaper.  I always look to see if there is any chocolate on sale.  But really to find good buys and new treats I just like wandering and looking through this aisle, the end displays and the displays near the check out lanes.

Do you have a store like Sahara Mart in your town?  Leave a comment and tell us about it.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I could pitch a tent in that aisle and be happy for the rest of my life

TheChocolatePriestess said...

*smile* Thank you for reading and commenting, openid. I've been to explore that aisle only three times so far because I know if I go more often, I'll spend way too much money.

mavido79 said...

Mental note--must leave early for next trip to your fair city so I can peruse this store.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

You have two things on that list now -- chocolate sorbet and this store!

Just pick me up before you go LOL, Chocolate Coconut Acolyte.

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