Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Angelic Chocolates

For our last Saturday Sacrament in May we looked at one half of the chocolates that The Chocolate Cult received from Island Angel Chocolates.  Today, one month later, we'll finish that review of the entire sample, all 24 flavors, they sent our way with the bottom 12 varieties on the bottom of the box they sent.  As with the first review these will not necessarily be covered in the order you see in the box so take a look at each photo that will accompany every two truffles your Chocolate Priestess describes in all five senses.  First though, these are the same size as the top layer of truffles was, approximately 0.75 inches on the bottom but rising 1.25 inches tall for a decent mouthful for chocolate and other flavors.  We'll start with the white chocolates, go to the milk chocolates then end with the dark varieties today.

The "Lavender Orange" has a powdered sugar like coating on it when I look at it then touch it.  It has a strong citrus scent but also a hint of lavender as well.  A bite reveals a very dough like covering on it with a creamy flavor and a grayish semi-solid center that strongly tastes of lavender and orange just as I'd expect.  But this is very cookie like in texture so not at all what I expect from a truffle.  The "Baily's" is a plain but very thinly covered white chocolate with a dusting of something that might be cocoa or cinnamon.  The dusting must be cocoa a bite into the thin white chocolate shell reveals by taste but also the milk chocolate, semi-solid center.  It tastes both chocolaty and like Baily's in one bite and creates a nice cooling sensation in my mouth.  A great balance for this flavor of truffle compared to several other Baily's flavored chocolates we've revealed thus far on these Sacraments.

The final two white chocolate covered truffles are the "Very Vanilla" that has drizzles of more white chocolate over it and the "Luscious Lemon" that has a dried piece of lemon on top of it.  The "Very Vanilla" has a very creamy and vanilla scent that is matched by the semi-soft center that is flecked with vanilla indicating just how real these flavors are like cream vanilla ice cream would be.  "Luscious Lemon" really doesn't have much of a scent through the white chocolate shell.  While there is no lemon scent the taste of the semi-solid white center is very strongly sour lemon which actually blends very well with the creamy chocolate.  Intense and it may make you pucker your lips a bit depending on your sensitivity to lemon.

Only two of the truffles on this bottom layer appear to be milk chocolate: "Curry Please" which has gold slimmers over the drizzle and "Banana Rum" which has chocolate jimmie sprinkled over it.  "Curry Please" has a definite curry scent and a soft snap from the thick milk chocolate shell reveals a yellow-green semi-soft center flecked with spices. I'm not a big fan of curry but I think if you like curry you should give this a try.  "Banana Rum" has almost no fragrance beyond milk chocolate but inside a thinner shell I find a semi-solid milk chocolate center with a very light banana and rum flavor.  It takes two bites to get the full flavors going and they mix fairly well with the milk chocolate that is creamy and yet has a gentle bitterness.

Now we'll turn our attention to the six dark chocolate truffles on the bottom layer from Island Angel Chocolates.  We'll start with the "Orange of the Night" which has sort of mango colored drizzle on the top and the "Amore Amaretto" which has white drizzle on it.  "Orange of the Night" has a dark chocolate scent, no real hint of citrus even. The thick shell snaps fairly loudly and then crunches as I take a bite.  Inside is a dark, bitter semi-solid center that melts into an intense orange that folds back into the chocolate again.  Wonderful is the only word I can use to describe this as I enjoy it.  "Amore Amaretto" has an almond scent and a dark chocolate scent before I bite through the thick shell with a snap.  Inside is a very dark and bitter semi-solid center that starts off with the almond liquor flavor but quickly turns entirely dark cocoa in nature.

The "Definitely Dark" is just that with the same drizzled on top of it while "Dark Cocoa Dusted" is more French style with the heavy layer of cocoa over it.  Both have a simple, dark cocoa scent to them though obviously the dusted one makes a mess on my finger tips that I am forced to lick off.  I'm surprised that this rather medium thickness shell on the "Definitely Dark" makes such a loud snap when I take a bite.  Inside is a semi-soft dark center that is deeply intense and bitter and packs a tiny buzz after only one bite.  "Dark Cocoa Dusted" is not French because under the cocoa powder is a moderately thick shell that snaps when I take a bite.  Compared to the previous piece this is more bitter and makes me pucker a bit.  Not a treat for anyone who does not love very dark chocolate, you are now warned or enticed depending on your opinion of darkest cocoa.  As you know, your Chocolate Priestess loves it dark but this pushes even my edges of too intense.

We'll finish off this bottom layer of truffles with the "Espresso Elegance" topped by a plain coffee bean and "Rappin Raspberry" that has red crystals dusted over the top.  "Espresso Elegance" has a coffee scent to it through the medium shell that makes a soft snap when I take a bite.  Inside is a semi-solid dark chocolate with an enough stronger espresso fragrance and taste that almost overpowers the chocolate.  Coffee lovers shouldn't mind that too much but I couldn't get this to our Mocha Acolyte for his opinion since he now lives several states away.   "Rappin Raspberry" has both a deep chocolate and a strong raspberry scent.  The shell is fairly thick and makes a crunch when I take a bite. In the creamy yet bitter dark truffle center there is a strong raspberry tartness with a tiny seedlike texture that may suggest this is from real fruit pulp not just juice.

If the two dozen flavors from Island Angel Chocolates sound great to you, and I hope they do read half as wonderful as they tasted to me, you need to go check them out this Sacrament worthy treats.  If you are near Langley, WA, check them out in person and linger over their varieties in store but even if you aren't, these shipped very well and kept very well even though this review was pre-written a good month or two before this Saturday Sacrament was posted.  These will last you a while and be a delightful mouthful for as many days as you are willing to practice Moderation.

Island Angel is also making a change to a new store name and line of products and you can check them out at this Facebook link.  Their new website should be Sweet Mona's starting in July.

Sisters and Brothers, may you, too, take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.


Magic of Spice said...

These look perfect...Love chocolate and love - love your site!

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Oh, thank you, Magic of Spice. I'm so glad you found us and left a comment. I look forward to future comments from you.

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