Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Black & White Fondue

Your Chocolate Priestess discovered this fondue restaurant called The Melting Pot several years ago on an academic trip to Arizona.  When we came back to Indiana we looked for it and found on up in the capital but that's about a 75 minute trek for us for going there is for special events or when we are in the area for another reason.  Supposedly there are two of these now in Indy but we went to this one on the Northeast side of the city back in May for our anniversary, our 18th, on a trip back from a science fiction convention called MARCON.  It was a moment of like mindedness for us because when my husband, the Milk Chocolate Acolyte asked where I wanted to go and I said "The Melting Pot" he replied "I was just thinking that."

At the restaurant we told them it was our anniversary and they gave us a two person booth where we sat side by side looking out a window which unfortunately didn't have a great view, mostly of the road and some buildings in the distance.  They have newer tables where the fondue pot is built in so we have to have the same course.  We ended up having two cheese fondues, we were hungrier than we realized because we couldn't agree on a meat course.  Then we had a dessert fondue, the "Yin & Yang" which is a fondue made of dark and white chocolate in the oriental symbol as you can see in this photo.

Of course as you start dipping the beautiful symbol will get messed up especially because I'm just a touch too short to really see what I was dipping into.  For dipping foods they include a slice of cheesecake, brownie and angel food bites, rice crispy treats, graham cracker marshmallows and strawberries.  They included bananas as well but we substituted extra strawberries and we kept our left over apple slices from the cheese courses.  We kept running out of some of the dipping bread for the cheese though there were plenty of veggies and apple so we had a bunch left over.  The opposite was true for the dessert fondue.  Even with the apples we had a lot of chocolate left over and nothing to dip into it.

The dessert fondue, "Yin & Yang" tasted great and was a romantic way to share a meal.  But The Melting Pot really needs to increase the amount of dipping food they give you for it.  I'd say they need to double the amount they give you and even then you might now have enough.

If you've been to The Melting Pot leave a comment and let me know if you also find you don't get enough to dip into your dessert fondue.

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