The Chocolate Cult: Forthcoming Ice Cream Maker Review

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Forthcoming Ice Cream Maker Review

As you know, Sisters and Brothers, I've teamed up with the folks from CSN before to do a review and giveaway a product.  This time around, in honor of July being "National Ice Cream Month" I'm being sent an ice cream maker to reveal to you all.

CSN has many different stores that sell everything from a bathroom sink to chairs to decorative pillows to baking pans and kitchen items of a wide assortment.   As you know I've bemoaned on here before that the one thing I really lack in my kitchen is an ice cream maker so I plan to get a nice but inexpensive one to try out for you all and for my family.  I'll make a few different flavors and then share my findings with you all later this month.

If anyone has a recipe for chocolate related ice cream they'd like me to try out, send it to me and I'll credit you when I try it.

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