Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Foursome of Original Flavors

Fleurir Home Grown Chocolates makes at least 18 different flavors of truffles and they sent your Chocolate Priestess four of these.  These are preservative free so I was advised to eat them within a month.  I did so but more time has passed between that and the review you are seeing today.  It's great to be busy but sometimes it means the Sacraments you read, Sisters and Brothers, aren't written just hours before they are posted.

The little color brochure that came with this box has beautifully painted representations of the truffles so it was easy to determine which four they sent me: "Raspberry," "Spumoni," "85% Dark" and "Carrot Cake".  At least two of these are the first time I've ever tried that particular chocolate flavor.  Each truffle measures 1 X 1 X 0.75 inches whether it is white, milk or dark chocolate.  Each is painted with what appears to be edible ink in a unique design matching the flavor on the insert or on the clickable website which I'll link directly to at the end of the review.

The milk chocolate ganache "Raspberry" will start our Sacrament today.  I would not have guessed this was a raspberry flavor given the light green and flower painting on the top -- I would have guessed a mint or green tea.  But it has the creamy milk chocolate scent and also a strong raspberry essence as well indicates it's true nature.  Immediately the chocolate begins to melt in my fingers showing it's purity.  My first bite makes no noise as my bite sink into the semi-solid dark chocolate center that actually quite creamy in texture. At first the raspberry is tame then it increases with each bite though both the milk and dark chocolate balance with the fruitiness very well to make this one of the best raspberry chocolates I've had since The Chocolate Cult began.

When I think "Spumoni" I think ice cream or cake, not truffle and yet here is a truffle of this flavor under the green, blue and red painted long-stemmed flowers.  This is also a milk chocolate ganache on the outside and thus smells almost identical to the previous piece minus the fruity scent.  A soft, easy bite into the creamy center reveals two layers.  The top is a dark chocolate with hazelnuts that crunch while the bottom is pistachio green with a jelly like consistency of marzipan.  This isn't a combination of flavors I've ever had in a chocolate before and while I'm not a big fan of pistachio it really does blend very well with the hazelnuts to become something I'm happy to say I enjoy.

I just know I will love the "85% Dark" truffle because as you may recall, Sisters and Brothers, I love the darker chocolates.  This has blue and red flowers and circles painted on the top to clearly indicate the flavor as well as a very bitter essence when I take a whiff of it.  There is no sound when I take a bite to discover an almost dry, semi-solid center that tastes very cocoay and bitter.  This is a truffle only for the darkest chocolate lover who wants an immediate buzz which describes me almost perfectly!  I'm not sharing this one, I'll take the other two bites of this three bite truffle myself and just float on a chocolate high for a bit before continuing with this revelation.

Back down to Earth again, I tackle the "Carrot Cake" and I'm a bit wary.  See, I've never had carrot cake. I like to keep my vegetables and desserts separate in my life.  But part of my job for all of you is to be open-minded and try new chocolates and new flavors. This photo was difficult to shoot for some reason -- the white chocolate shell isn't this yellow but is certainly not white either as the images on the brochure and online suggest.  It really has only a white chocolate scent meaning not much beyond a milky essence when I breath it in.  This has a much thicker shell than the other three and inside are large pieces of walnuts along with a very solid spicy and carroty center filling.  Very different and I bet this tastes like carrot cake.  Maybe I should I should give that a try?  Nah, that's just take time away from the Sacred Substance but this was pretty great.

Each of these four flavors were wonderful balances of taste and texture.  The chocolate was finely made and the variety very easy to identify.  These make the grade to be declared Worthy Sacraments for The Chocolate Cult.  If you want more, there are fourteen other flavors you can find from Fleurir on their website.  Each a lovely, edible, tiny work of art.  The website allows you to click on each flavor and gives the ingredients in each so you can easily find allergens and create your own box of truffles. 

Sisters and Brothers, may you, too, take the time to slowly appreciate what the Divine and human ingenuity have offered you in chocolate.

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