Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Klondike Double Chocolate Bar Review

The final Klondike variety your Chocolate Priestess found on sale at her nearby Super Target was the "Double Chocolate" variety. These are basically light ice cream made with process cocoa underneath a milk chocolate shell.  One bar has 250 calories with 11g saturated fat, 10mg cholesterol, 80mg sodium, 1g fiber, 24g sugars, 3g protein, 6% vitamin A, 10% calcium, and 6% iron.  One thing I immediately noticed is that the real nice chocolate isn't in the ice cream, it's in the shell which is really what makes a Klondike a Klondike, right?

I wanted more when I ate this.  Inside was a light brown ice cream as you can see in this photo, it showed up better in a darker than a light photo so I chose this one to share with you.  Even though it only has cocoa, the ice cream did taste chocolaty and it blended well with the shell to make something that tasted as the box said it would: double chocolaty!  So no disappointment here at all.  I would certainly buy these again if I find them on sale or have a coupon.

Klondike contacted me, they've been checking out these reviews.  They asked me to let you all know about a contest they are currently running called Klondike Everyman Challenges.  One of these three "challenges" is finished, one more is currently going on and another will happen in August. Let us all know if you decide to enter, Sisters and Brothers.

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