The Chocolate Cult: Klondike Heath Bar Review

Friday, July 16, 2010

Klondike Heath Bar Review

When your Chocolate Priestess found the Klondike bars on sale at her nearby Super Target, she saw varieties on the boxes that were not on the shelves.  A few days later while shopping in her nearby Kroger supermarket she found some other varieties of these frozen treats also on sale.  That means our reviews here are going to keep going to ease us through this entire month of ice cream celebrating.

The Heath Bar variety of Klondike is like the Reese in that it takes a popular candy bar and attempts to make it into a frozen treat.  The sale price at Kroger was the same as at the Super Target so again these were less than 50¢ a treat. One treat has 230 calories, 11g saturated fat, 10mg cholesterol, 80mg sodium, less than 1g fiber, 20g sugars, 2g protein with 4% vitamin A and 8% calcium an adult needs daily.  It also has almonds because of the toffee pieces that are one of the three main parts of the bar after the light ice cream and the milk chocolate coating.  This meant that our Milk Chocolate Acolyte couldn't have these because he's allergic to tree nuts.

The toffee pieces were in the chocolate shell not the ice cream so the shell was particularly fragile and broken apart easily.  This was probably the messiest Klondike bar of all the varieties that I bought followed by a no sugar added one I'll later this month.  The toffee tasted fairly good but I really wanted more of that Heath flavor, more buttery, more nutty and even more chocolate over all.  This was closer to the candy bar than the Reese's variety was but still not what I had hoped for.  With the nut issue a factor as well, I can't say that my household will be buying this variety again.


mavido79 said...

I've been following the Klondike Bar reviews close and can't say that I disagree with anything you've said... especially about the thin shell on the Heath Bar variety. Very messy and very disappointing compared to what I expect from a Klondike

The Chocolate Priestess said...

It is rare for a company to have 100% of their products turn out excellent especially as they add more and more variety. I know that variety is so very common these days but sometimes the tried and true is what works best.

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