The Chocolate Cult: Klondike No Sugar Vanilla Bar Review

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Klondike No Sugar Vanilla Bar Review

This is the last Klondike bar review for July 2010.  The folks from Klondike have seen our honest reviews, the good, the bad, the middle of the road reactions, and sent us some coupons for free products so they will be some of our Sacraments for August in time for their final contest of the summer.

This is the vanilla, what I like to think of as the original Klondike flavor, of their "no sugar added" line which used to be called "Slim-A-Bear".  I actually liked that name a lot myself but what did you all think of that label?  Like the Krunch variety, this comes in a silver box and the bars are wrapped in plain white plastic sleeves.  One bar has 170 calories made of 8g saturated fat (still a lot!), 5mg cholesterol, 65mg sodium, 4g fiber (good amount), 7g sugars, 6g sugar alcohols, 4g protein, 4% vitamin A and 15% of the calcium an adult needs daily.  

This tastes more chocolaty than the Krunch variety but if you look on the ingredients list, the only difference is really the rice crisps.  Without their flavor dulling the cocoa, the cocoa is allowed to come out more. However just as before there are very unnecessary added oils and flavors to this products.  Note to Creators: Please don't compromise the chocolate just to cut back on sugar or calories, it really is not necessary if you go with darker variety and higher cocoa content versions.  This tastes very similar to the original variety of Klondike so if you like those but want to have less sugar in your diet, give these a try.

In the next week or two Klondike will be featured as a Sacrament as I use the coupons they sent us to try out some of their non-bar products.


Wyrenth said...

...Stupid thing making me re-type my entire comment because of a damned web error... *summarizes*

The name "slim-a-bear" makes me smile, so I think it's good. Sat fats scare me off (even if it's coconut oil, which is supposed to be "good" sat fats). I haven't felt motivated to try Klondikes in a long while because of the fats and the 6-serving thing (I can single-scoop myself a quart of ice cream for a couple weeks). Maybe if they made a dozen half-sized ones, I'd be more inclined? *shrug*

Also, it seems I can't comment using LiveJournal anymore.

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thanks for replying, Wyrenth. I haven't changed the comments settings so it might be a blogspot change?

What I don't get is adding oils at all. Really? Is it really necessary?

But I'll be trying their other products and we'll see how they are nutritionally and taste wise.

Anonymous said...

Ahoy there. I agree that they need to bring back the Slim-A-Bear. When I was at my grocer's just the other week, I was looking for that familiar bear on the package, and I couldn't find him. I asked the grocer for assistance, and he directed me to these Klondikes. Sure enough, the Slim-A-Bear is there on the box, but he's a lot smaller now, almost as if he's on the verge of extinction. I can't say I'm happy about that one bit.

Best regards,
The Codger

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Thank you so much, The Codger, for replying. I remember the brand but this was before I was following The Path here and so I didn't pay as much attention to the food I ate as I do now. Years and years of denying myself the pleasure of really thinking about and being in the moment of eating.

I hope you come back.

Anonymous said...

Hello again, Chocolate Priestess. I mentioned your Blog on my Blog today. The people we inform about the Slim-A-Bear, the better!

The Codger

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