Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Microwave S'mores

Today is "National S'mores Day" and so to celebrate I wanted to treat my family to s'mores.  There are a few problems with my plan however.  We don't go camping.  Your Chocolate Priestess's allergies are so bad that this is just not possible let alone the fact that my family hates the idea of being without their precious internet connections.  We do have two fireplaces but they need repairs that are costly so we've never been able to use them.

I had a coupon back in June for all the necessary ingredients to make s'mores so I after looking for a microwave recipe we could try I bought those at our local Kroger when they were also on sale. Remember, saving money doesn't make you cheap, Sisters and Brothers, it gives you more money to spend on more chocolate!  You'll notice in the photo that I used all brand name products but you don't have to.  Generic versions would work as well and you can always upgrade your S'mores by using better chocolate though personally for a treat like this, where the marshmallow and crackers are such a big part of the taste, I think it is a bit of a waste of higher quality chocolates.

The recipe for S'mores was right on the Jet-Puffed package but I modified it a bit by cutting the marshmallows in half as you can see in this photo.  I did this for two reasons.  First, it provided a more stable platform for the top layer of crackers which you do not put on for the microwaving.  Second, it helped spread the marshmallows out more evenly over the chocolate layer.  I put these two at a time in the microwave on high for 20 seconds.  We have a fairly powerful microwave so yours may take more or less time.  The marshmallows did puff up about 25% of their size.

Removing them immediately I pushed the top cracker down and forced the marshmallow to squish out over the chocolate which wasn't very melty yet. As I let the warm marshmallows sit, the chocolate layer started to melt more.  In fact at one point when I ate one, a piece of chocolate fell off the cracker and I had to catch it on a finger.  After so many handmade, small batch, and gourmet chocolates, I can't say that I'm impressed by these simply Hershey bars. But for S'mores, they make them taste just like I remember from my Girl Scout and camping days of childhood.

Let me know, Sisters and Brothers, if you celebrated this fun food holiday and how you did so.  If you are old enough and want to do something alcoholic for the holiday, try this post from Kate's Kitchen.

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