Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mocha Satisfaction

One of the very first chocolatiers to submit their products to The Chocolate Cult was Wiseman House Chocolates by sending us three products.  Two were reviewed by your own Chocolate Priestess in 2009 but one needed an more discerning palate and so we handed it over to our Mocha Acolyte who then moved a bit too far away.  He has finished with his final review for us all and I want to send him off with a bang by featuring a solo review by him.  Without further words, here is his review of their Mocha Crunch.

Mocha Acolyte Says: "Don't be fooled by the modest packaging. This understated brown foil bag contains treasure. Upon opening the package, a delightful aroma of cocoa greets the nose. A deeper whiff reveals coffee notes blended with wonderful subtlety into the aroma of sweet dark chocolate. The olfactory prelude promises wonderful things to come.

The bite-size pieces are cut into attractive rhomboid shapes. Their surface has a matte look with a light powdery dusting of cocoa. Visually, these are diamonds-in-the-rough. The same textural oddity is evident to the hand as well - a slight but pleasing graininess.

Inside the mouth, however, the rough-finished texture quickly gives way to an amazingly well-realized blend of smoothness and crunch. The chocolate melts quickly into creamy goodness, whereas the grittier ground coffee beans give this mocha treat real punch. The flavor is just as harmonious - the dark chocolate and crunchy coffee are in perfect balance.

It should be noted that these pack a definite sugar rush, and are very sweet. The more complex bitter notes of both the coffee and the chocolate are still there, but one must dig for them a bit, letting the initial sweet burst of sugar pass the palate before savoring the darker elements. The aftertaste allows these tastes to emerge somewhat, but let there be no doubt - these are candies, and not shy about it. Those who prefer for coffee and cocoa to feature their bitter notes in a stronger manner may be quite disappointed. For my own palate - as a coffee lover who also has a definite sweet tooth - the flavor was exquisite.

I think I could easily eat a whole bag in one sitting, because they are simply that tasty - but there is no need to do so, because they are also so rich and satisfying that just a few made a nice treat.

Wiseman House Mocha Crunch successfully fulfills both my chocolate and coffee cravings, and I heartily recommend it to mocha lovers unafraid of sweeter pleasures."

With that, I hope all of you will check out Wiseman House Chocolates.  We have another person willing to take on the mantel of Mocha Acolyte but to davebearin we say, when we are together again, we will visit a chocolate or coffee shop and indulge.

1 comment:

mavido79 said...

I'm not a huge mocha fan but these do sound yummy. Thanks, Mocha Acolyte and good luck in the new location.

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