The Chocolate Cult: Nabisco 100 Cal Chocolate Treats

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nabisco 100 Cal Chocolate Treats

I don't know about the stores where you shop, Sisters and Brothers, but my local grocery stores, the big chains, the small chain and the coop, rarely have their healthiest offerings on sale.  Generally it's the big names or the fatty foods I find with the best sales.  Recently when your Chocolate Priestess went shopping at her neighborhood Kroger she found some 100 calorie pack treats from Nabisco.

Both of these were the same price but the Pretzels had six bags while the Fudge Petites only had five bags.   No, they were not the same size because the Pretzels weighed in at 0.78oz a bag while the others were only 0.74oz a bag.  Nutritionally how that 100 calories is reached varied as well.

Pretzels: 2g saturated fat, 160mg sodium, 40mg potassium, 7g sugars and 2g protein.

Fudge Petites: 2.5g saturated fat, 100mg sodium, 35mg potassium, >1g fiber, 8g sugars, and 1g protein.

Neither are particularly good or bad nutrition-wise.

In terms of flavor and looks, they are pretty much what you'd hope for given their names and the pictures on the box and bag though how much you get is very little.

The Mister Salty Pretzels about an inch across and as you can see are simple, round pretzels.  The Fudge Petites are these 1.1 inch across shells that are chocolate cookie on one side and white frosting on the other.  The white is not chocolate by the way.  For a quick snack or a safe treat these could be a good deal but you'll have control yourself to using only one bag at a time or you undermine the entire reason for buying these which is portion control.


Winelady Cooks said...

Thanks for sharing this information. I probably would be eating 2 bags rather than one -- not a good thing. I think I'd rather have a handful of dark chocolate chips and call it a day : ).

The Chocolate Priestess said...

Yum, dark chocolate chips. It always sounds like a great idea to eat less then you see how much that is and you want. Or at least I often do.

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