Monday, August 9, 2010

National S'mores Day

Tomorrow is "National S'mores Day" another fun holiday that uses chocolate and gives us, Sisters and Brothers, a reason to indulge in our Sacred Substance.  The "S'more" may go back to the Girl Scouts in the 1920s according to several online sources but none provided great documentation for these claims.  As to who declared this a "holiday" I could find no evidence either.

Today I'm going to talk about two options for S'mores that you could use if you didn't want to make the traditional S'mores tomorrow.  But tomorrow I'm going to talk about how you can get close to that traditional kind even if you aren't out camping and you don't have a open flame.

One option comes from a fellow blogger who has this idea I have to share with you all.  "How-To Baker" has a creative "S'more Cupcake" you should check HERE.  If we hadn't had cupcakes this past weekend for a birthday and it was cooler, I might have tried this recipe myself.  Let him know that you found his blog via The Chocolate Cult when you go visit him please.

The second option is to buy something s'morish such as Pop Tarts' s'more variety.   Currently Pop Tarts come in 27 flavors according to the box.  I bought these on sale at our local Kroger when I had a coupon, big surprise, huh?  I have one more review of another variety later this week coming up but I wanted to give you this option in time for our fun food holiday tomorrow.  Here is my BIG PET PEEVE with Pop Tarts: One pastry = 1 serving but they come two pastries to a foil wrapper.  We hear constantly that we need to watch our diets and yet it feels like the mass produced food industry is really trying to make that hard for all of us.  How many of you grew up eating just one pastry and leaving the other in the foil wrapper?  On those very rare mornings when we had such products in my mother's house, she looked at them and assumed that two was the proper serving.  I'm not saying we need to increase packaging but geesh do something that doesn't send such mixed signals please.

So one pastry, you see two here, don't you, has 200 calories.  Inside you can see it has sections of chocolaty goo and marshmallowy goo in a grahman cracker tasting shell with a chocolaty glaze.  The chocolate here is real chocolate so we aren't cheated on that level.  Those 200 calories are made of 1.5g saturated fat, 210mg sodium, <1g fiber, 19g sugars, 3g protein with 6 different vitamins and minerals.  How does it taste?  First, it does taste like a graham cracker and the marshmallow tastes as it should.  The googy chocolate inside is a bit sweeter than I'm used to for S'mores but it does taste like chocolate.  Overall it was a nice treat but definitely not a favorite from the Pop Tart folks in terms of chocolatyness.

Tomorrow we'll look at using your microwave to make S'mores but today let me know if you plan to celebrate or if you go camping and make S'mores as part of your outdoor fun.


Belinda said...

Super size everything! Here's to S'mores...nothing beats the good ole classic 'round the campfire.

Kate said...

LOL - I've got two interesting twists on s'mores on my blog ( One is savory s'mores and the other is a drink that tastes like a s'more. THEN, I just read some fun new s'mores recipes in FoodNetwork magazine. The Elvis with pb, banana... One with a mint patty and chocolate grahams... Anyway, I think there were four fun recipes. I thought we'd try a couple of them this coming weekend. Great timing for National S'mores Day, eh?

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Belinda, thanks for commenting and posting.

Kate, I had your post about the s'mores in a glass set to look at later. I'll add it to the post tomorrow, if that is OK with you, when I look at how these things work in the microwave.

Busy, busy, busy morning for your Chocolate Priestess.

mavido79 said...

I love Poptarts S'mores flavor. I'll celebrate with one of those tonight and then make sure to have the fixin's for the real stuff at the next bonfire.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

Wonderful. Bonfire, huh? Sounds like fun if we've had a hard freeze or two first.

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